A Single Flame

Ashley Erickson

A poem about an element that is hard to dystroy.


Lindsay Cooper

About a candle and it's lonely home...an old shack.

Slave to the Scribe

Adrian Wood

Of candle, pen and paper confined by the mind of the scribe...

Lure of the Flame

Annika Nilsen

It is well known that creatures that flutter through the night are drawn to lights and flames. In this poem I’m trying to express why the fairy seeks out the flame. But also why he doesn’t fly away when he noticed that the flame is too hot for him.

Thin Wrists (poem)

Chris Martens

Dark poem with two themes (both are abstract, of course).


Christopher Stokes

I wanted to write a short story about a school of sorcerers in training type thing.i think i did a fair job of setting it up so far.its a nice little introduction and i might make it the begining of a book someday..if i ever get around to finishing it any way...


Xander Pierceton

This is a short freestyle poem i wrote about the unending cycles that we try to break, but never seem to be able to.

BCL2 Emmisaries

Christopher Stokes

this is the next part to the story by candle light. you can read it as a seperate tale for now thou they will eventually tie in in the book...if i ever finish it. ther is more to this part of this section to but i thought it made a nice little cliff hanger right there..so thats where it stops for now.


Melanie McLaughlin

The journey to heaven for a small boy is difficult and challenging. Letting go of the past and realizing his future is even harder. This is my first fiction short story. Please leave comments and suggestions. I love getting 'constructive' critisism!


Rachael Hill

An work in progress opening section to Egyptian Demon.

Iceman (poem)

Timothy Pontious

Not all lycanthropes begin as humans changing to other species. Consider the case of the drifting Atlantic Iceman, who, according to folklore, could become nearly human from time to time, only to disappear again amid the ice. I think it was an upset Iceman that wreaked ruin on the Titanic. And now you know what really happened to Atlantis, perhaps? Yes, the meter is fractured beyond hope. Sorry.

Silver Wing

Elizabeth Moser

A poem that brings some light to the silent kiss of death.

Death and a Young Maiden

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

After a painting by Stokes which is displayed in the Musée d'Orsay. When vocalized, it starts on a high C and descends.

Welcome Home

Jamie Arenas

Inspired by my sadistic computer. I think people read this because it's short. ^^ I'm not pleased with the writing, but I like this one anyways.


R.E. Kankaanpää

So... why is this dumb guy going there? Why is it so important? I tried to figure out a way to include it in the story, but it's late, I'm tired, and couldn't come up with anything. Basically: the house used to belong to the guy's family, he is one of the descendants. Something nasty happened in the past, and now the only being in the house is the vampire. This vampire has complete control over any descendants of previously mentioned. So.. it makes the guy come over to him (yes, him) and then he drinks the guy's blood. Updated: fixed a lot of mistakes in the text, though Miss Cookie might notice I've left some things as they were. Mainly because I simply thought it sounded better, or made more sense (at least to me). Critique, comments and corrections welcome :P ~~ Was updated, but lost the end for The Crash (also a great Finnish band, by the way), and so here it is again. Updated that is.

Dark Pine

Cassandra Kempter

I wrote this in 6th grade right before I started my three year long writer and artist's block. I got over the block when I met Mir, and then Alura, and then Tamara! Well, hope you like it. You can guess for yourself whether the protagonist is male or female!


Tamara Thiersmann

Another of my faves, I also feel this poem marks the onset of some amount of maturity creeping into my poetry. This one was also entitled 'Twenty Candles,' but I often don't use that title because then people think I can't count because, at first read, there seem to be 21 candles--lemme assure you there are only 20...the line 'The One who will be there to the End' only elaborates the previous line, and is not a seperate 'candle.' ^_- So *neener!* There is a method to my madness!


James Mahogany

A sketchy artistic expression of life and death...

Silver Thread chp 1

Yuki Radcliffe

This is the backstory to something I wrote my junior and senior year of high school. I had originally planned to make it a manga, and it's still something I might like to do, but I don't have time right now.I removed the rest of the story from elfwood, but I didn't really want to take down the only thing I had on here that was a mod's choice.If you by chance want to read the rest of the story, email me at roly_poly_cartoonist@yahoo.com and I will email the rest to you.

The Blue Star

Kat Napthine

Magic makes a candle more than it seems