The Eye of the Sun

Danielle Fuller

like i said this is only the beginning.... I dont mean that in a george lucas way . haha.

Siren Song (1)

Jamie Brewer

I'm glad to have been honored with the chance to attend the New York State Summer Young Writers Institute last summer on Silver Bay in Lake George, NY. For anyone stoping by who was there and remembers, three cheers for *fanfare* FICTION MAN! *giggle*, AKA Bill Patric, along with Poetry Woman (Kathy Aguero) and Realisim Boy (Richard Hoffman). Siren Song is one of the products of my week there, a twist on the old greek myth (think the Sirens from _The Oddesy_)

When Blackest Night


Writing this for a little kid. It is a little dark and some of the vocabulary is advanced for younger ages, but she loves to read and learn new words. Would appreciate feedback and critique on how this reads for adults and kids alike!! Ch. 1 later.

Forest justice

Anne Vea

A few years ago i was reading some elfquest books. I got very inspired to say the least and wrote some short stories. Most of them were crap but i found this one a while ago, re-wrote it and translated it. It changed a lot but it's still about elves. An old woman has to risk her own life to save a young elfgirl and her own village from the madness of her son. Hope you'll enjoy it!

The Riders - Chapter 1

Piper Hurtherly

Set in a medieval(ish) world, where horses talk and mages do the bidding of bossy young traitors. A young member of a band of mounted warrior renegades is captured by her leader and brought to who-knows-where for who-knows-what.

Jaguar Daughter

Kelly Scoffield

We have become obsessed with the fantastic ceratures that are rumored to still haunt the unexplored corners of the world. Come one, come all to see these mystic treasures in complete comfort and security, each live specimen in an accurate facsimile of its natural environment...

End of the World Ch.3

Barbara Hise

It's about a time where the world was almost destroyed by a meteor and civilation was annihalated. There's an elite warrior-type girl in a military camp. She meets a guy and they have to overcome men who would take her, battles, and try to keep the world from ending.

GGC - Part I - 4 - Force

Marlena Cannon

'A waterfall spewed from a series of gates in the front wall of the fortress, frothing into a body of water that continued the path of the dammed river.' Forces of several different meanings.

Bring Back the Sun: Breathless

Mai Zhang

He was Dei Luna’s wayward son, rapturous at dusk but grave in the sun.

01 - Dark Master

Rachel Pears

This is character background for Zith. It takes place in the dark-elf dungeon, deep below the surface world. In this tale Zith enters into a bargain with Vadagh, the dark-elf sorceror. Note from the writer - please go easy on my punctuation I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

Thrill of the Hunt

Sarah Kellington

Women of Guahara are essentially captives in their rigid caste system. For sport the nobility hunt with cheetahs as some do with falcons, giving the sheltered and wingless a taste of the thrill of the hunt.


Andrijana Ignjatovic

This story is about a girl who´s being held prisoner by a stranger who oddly enough seems to know her. CC is as always highly appreciated!

GGC - Part I - 5 - Captives of a Cause

Marlena Cannon

'A soft white glove brushed against Malraune's hand and its owner caught her hand up into his. He smiled gently as Malraune startled, and softly kissed the back of her hand.' Being a captive isn't so bad.

Soul - Prologue

Rachel Lamine

A boy sets out to complete a grusome mission.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 12 Captive Freedom

Katherine Bates

Chapter 12

Promise to Skoarch


A promise to a captured dragon

Fallen and Broken

Vanessa Merritt

This is a story about a captive angel. my friend (Elfwood artist Amelia Hitchcock) did an illustration for it, it's posted on her site.


Crystal Wilford

In the year 2490, Humans have begun hard research into producing genetically engineered Humans. A War upon a Galactic scale has broken out prior to this time. Star Demons, a new race of Plague-Carriers have stumbled upon the small Sol System, finding a new life-form with a weakness to their disease...Humans. Once a Human is infected, the Plague can mutate and infect other Life-Forms. Now the threat of death has hit the entire universe. It's either wipe the Humans out with the entire Sol System as the SDs move into it, or find a Cure. But the Plague spreads rapidly from one ship to the next, infecting stations and colonies. Now, the year is 2497. Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The planet Earth is poisoned, the colonies destroyed. Only a few ships and stations remain, carrying those 'fortunate' enough to survive. However, there is Hope. As Time turns, a break-through is made upon the first successful creation. A perfect soldier, in far more ways than can be imagined. Only one one asked if their Creation wished to be a Soldier...and no one asked which side, it was really on...

Wings (Chapter 8/9)

Jennifer OConnor

I think one of the previous posts had 2 chapters...Rereading this, I love that my writing at 13-14 was a giant cliche wrapped in a stereotype.  Oh well.  Live and Learn.


j. calzada

A short backgrounder on a story I'm working on, called The Legend of Aeonia. It started out as a sketch for a plot but I was worried that it wouldn't be accepted at Wyverns since it would not really be a 'story.' So I added a little scene with Aleyka, Lupo, and the scryer to make it more 'story'-like. :)