The Conquerors

David Daumit

Based on a real life incident, this story will hopefully offer you some chuckles at my expense (better at mine than at yours, huh?).

A Mermaid's Tale

Derek Shore

A friend from ElfTown (Cathook) drew a picture of a mermaid attached to a shps hull. After weeks of talking about it, she challenged me to write the story of how it came to be. Well, here it is. (The story changed a little from her original, but she sounded happy with the changes. THANKS CATHOOK!)

Ember Chapter 1

Allyson Cowan

Actually, this piece has no official title, and I would love some input on what to name it once I've submitted a few chapters. for now, it is simply called Ember. Enjoy!

Overlords: Do's and Don't's Part 1

Amy Ames´ Perkins

The long awaited (first part) of my collaboration with Mikey's Zeno. This particular story stems from an extremely long exchange of main page comments followed by some quoting of 'What not to do if you are the Evil Overlord' Several versions of this list can be found on the internet. I used the one found here, but you can also find a similar list here. Though NaNoWriMo is taking up most of my time this month, I promise that this will be finished if only to stem the wave of insistent fangirls and Mikey. Enjoy! And oh my... a MC! *looks rather faint* Someone pinch me?*whispers furiously* And ignore those last lines at the end, they were hidden in the html markup, HIDDEN I tell you....

Endings and Beginnings

Isabelle L Davis

The tale of how Shade and Blackjack graduated from mere demon hunters to Daemonslayers. Continuity: This occurs long before Soul joins them, and also before Shade falls prey to Raven (that story is on my website, but it's a crossover/fan fiction so won't be appearing here anytime soon).

The Phoenix Arrow: Prologue

Amanda Robinson

Kalika, wielder of the Phoenix Arrow, a weapon born in the fire of pure magic. It grants luck where it will, and always, has remained loyal to her. But it creates its own kind of luck and not even she comprehend what it is giving her. A tale of luck, fate, and the inevitable.

Fairy Cage

Christy Kassler

This is a poem about a group of fairies who are captured by humans

The Idiot Boy

A.R. George

Behold! My 400th Comment Prize for the goodly Ms. Chaos, who has an unfathomable liking for Schiri: a -second- look into my pet Dark Elf's thoroughly nasty mind! (The first is in Chapter 8 of 'Soulfire Seeking', for those who don't know, or those who'd like to avoid it after reading this.) This scene is fairly self-contained (I hope!), but I'll give you a rough background - it's set at the beginning of my second book, 'Soulfire Summoning', and depicts a scene from the book that is actually shown from -Nuan's- perspective. I just thought I'd give Schiri the floor for this one. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. He really is pretty nasty, isn't he? Anyway ... here it is! Hope you like it, Erin! :D (Oh, and a couple of translations ... 'felivrin' is Dark Elven for 'damned/accursed', and 'Aylgrir' is the Northern name for Schiri, meaning - astonishingly enough - 'Grey-eyes'!)

Third Wave

Melissa Shekeira' Hartman

With the Second Wave trapped as well, with no where to go, it now comes to the efforts of Third and Fourth Waves to put and end to it all. Follows the trail of Third as they make their way to the mountains.

Turned the Grass to Dry--2

Liz Riza

Second chapter, what else can I say?

A Trillion Nodes for Emily, and She Wanted to be Me

Sarah Barton

A mysterious red-headed woman walks down a long corridor of frozen coffins, as a helpless prisoner of war watches, paralyzed, from within.

Seasons Clash Chapter 1

Melany Peterson

This is the first chapter of My Seasons Clash story...It's about Lynn, a summer faery who lives with the autumn faerys (as a sort of outcast of society), who is one day bodily dragged from her bed and dragged away from the town she's always known...of course, she intends to escape...but so far things haven't been working out to her advantage


Shaina Couch

This is the, well, middle of a story I'm writing. I decided to put it on here like a teaser. It features the two main characters Skye Collins (Vampire Hunter) and Micheal Kade (Rogue Vampire). Skye isn't like most hunters, as I'm sure you can tell. I don't describe her in this section so I'll tell you she has bright yellow-green eyes and long white hair. (strange, huh?) I'll leave the rest to your capable imaginations! 

Layle's Story

Samantha Welch

Layle begins to tell of her life prior to her capture by the Granod.

Near to Dreams - Part VII

Lindsay Verde

11/12 These chapters are still in the extremely rough stages and all of the chapters will probably undergo extreme changes when they're edited after I finish getting the rough draft out. So excuse any errors you find in this. I'm still uncertain about these last two chapters, as I am about every new one I put up.Updated July 31: added more to the end of the chapter.Originally posted May 2012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.


M Mmmmm

Just a start (or finish?) to a story about a female vampire trying to escape...

Heaven's Ball

Charles Trowbridge

This is a surreal peice I wrote about 6 months ago(as of oct'02). I took it too some workshops and never worked it out quite far enough, but I think it's a wonderful example of a simple linier-abstract plot.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 12

Samantha Fortier

Melody and Amolas have an awkward moment.*sniff* poor Amolas. He spends a bit of time with Griffin. The next morning Sydor wakes and finds out from Dameon and Amolas that Meldoy has been captured/kidnapped by?

Dragon Queen Ch 3

Jayson Kennedy

Chapter 3!! Kymm captures the dragon, as her father fights Erysithon! Lotsa fighting! Quite short compared to the others chapters,

Caged Eagle

Jessa Loder

Tried this before and it NEVER worked. Maybe today then. More Senna, and part of a longer short story. She's returned to the town she grew up in. It's a place that... well, she has a reputation in. She's burned a few too many bridges in town, and after an exaustive flight from captivity, she's about to discover that the rivers those bridges spanned are much more dangerous than she thought...