The Cooloon

Samantha Welch

The first in a long line of stories through the eyes of Layle Wheyloth, a captured Cooloon (sprite) maiden.

Sketching Her Past

Samantha Welch

Layle knew love once...

TMotSC Chapter 3- Raevyn II

Miss Tubbs

This is the second chapter from Raevyn's point of veiw, and it moves the plot along a little bit more. Of course, another character is introduced. and this is another one of my favorites!! bwahaha, another guy. lol. anyhoo, tell me what you think. Same with all of my story, this is a WIP, so don't be too critical. : )

A Fairy's Life

mironda burch

Being a fairy isn't as easy as you think

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 13

Samantha Fortier

The mystery of Melody's captor is somewhat revealed. Also she can sure take care of herself

A lyric poem

Laura Santamaria

This was part of a poem project. My subject was heroes.

Drifting Chapter Two

Linda Billson

Methinks these chapters are going to get longer eventually...Mira has some trouble.

vampire Questions ? two

J McCool

walter only been a vampire a few months but he been captured. a friend i had look this over has suggested that my idea that vampiresm is a condition created by a thinking parisite is will to odd. the fact that walter wants to be host to this life form is also considered odd. so read let me know what you think please.

The Lostlands - Chapter 1

Jenny Wideqvist

A story I wrote, based on my alias Sta, the trollchild. Right now there's four chapters and hopefully I'll keep it up. ^_^


T. Laren

A poem I had to write for creative writing using certain words...which is why it came out kinda weird.

The Death of an Elf

Erik Jensen

A rather grim and unpleasant story about the death of a young elf. 1,444 words, just over 3 pages.

Mortal Magic part 3

Logan Pickup

Part 3! This is beginning to set a disturbing trend... I might actually write something of length! Anyway... this part is a bit short, but that's because I just decided that everything up 'till now is the prologue, and having the first chapter start halfway through the page would just be too confusing, so I just chopped it here and posted it. Ha! And I spell-checked it this time! :P Well... spell checking doesn't catch everything I guess... fixed it anyway, so there.

The Seven Jewels of Jahara Chapter 6 and 7: Meeting with Royalty/ Search for the Boys

Megan Green

In this part of the story we FINALLY get to meet the royal family! I REALLY hope that they'll like us! But then...well bad luck just seems to like us and we suddenly notice that *wow* the boyz aren't with us and we just HAVE to find them. So...Megan and Amanda split up into teams. Lem and Meg vs Amanda and Elmerius. let the games begin! party is kidnapped and the other has a member go *mysteriously* missing. now who's in more trouble? the boys or the girls? but what's even worse is...well read on to find out...i can't tell ALL the secrets... ;)

Tornadorn Chapter 2

Scarper Shone

This is the next some-what-shorter part of the Tornadorn story. The dark elven city of Tornadorn was destroyed and the race, obliterated. Or was it? I have my friends permission to work on the story and she has mine.

The Dark Legion Chapter 3

Karl Oswald

a daring kindap in the night and attempted rescue

Lengor, Prince of Cenara

Hollie Molloy

A prince is captured and put in jail. He cannot return home with honour. There is more to go with eventually. It's kinda the other side to The Forlorn Princess.

Trapped (Poem)

Jessica Ng

Just something that escaped that little metal box in my brain and wound up to my hand which wrote it. I'm not really sure if I should put it up though, it isn't _exactly_ fantasy or anything

Lavilia Starfire 2 Stuck in Moron Naür

Rian Sanderse

Lavilia has tried to save her sister but failed, now she is also stuck in Irons...

Wings (Chapter 8/9)

Jennifer OConnor

I think one of the previous posts had 2 chapters...Rereading this, I love that my writing at 13-14 was a giant cliche wrapped in a stereotype.  Oh well.  Live and Learn.

Winter Spirit

Rhonda Jezek

A short story about a girl in the arms of a monster.