The Oil Lamp

John Samuel

If it hadn't have happened, I would not have believed it !


Mischa Pringle

This story is based on the game Redline (not Redline racer), as you can tell by the title. Another one of my english assignment stories. I actually don't like this one very much. I really had to force myself to write it, and it just didn't want to flow nicely.

Innocent II

Morgan Li

Part two... (need I say more? lol)

The Car

Michael Viar

A rare example of something that I did which had nothing to do with lupines, dragons, or anything else of the sort. Instead, it was just one of those days when I wish I could stop reminiscing on some of the not so pleasent things in the past.

The Flying Corvette

Robert James

This is a poem about a boy who gets a wish from a magical fish, and he wishes for a flying corvette.

Four Realms, Chp III

Emil Johansson

This is the third chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

A Trip to Three Countries in a Week

Madison VanDenBerghe

Heh heh. A quick warning to those who may be about to read this: I wrote this in the fifth grade for a school assignment. Now, you may be wondering, why on earth would I upload it to Elfwood? Because, say I, the Wyvern rules require a minimum of two stories to create a Library. So you unfortunate people have to suffer through my terrible sci-fi story of adventure, excitement, betrayal, and tango dancing. Please be nice about it! I wrote this when I was ten and I have changed NOTHING from its original form- not spelling, sentence structure (or lack thereof), or any other part of the story. *runs away and hides from incoming barrage of mean-ness from un- understanding commentors*

The Night Weeps (poem)

Tansy H. Pye

This and the story Hunter came to me at the same time. They are both inspred by the same long and boring rainy drive home along a motorway. I have never seen a stag actually on the road, but you pass all those signs and your mind wanders.


A.S. Pritchard

This is a kind of character study I wrote about an empath/telepath who happens to communicate best with cars.  I had an idea a while back about only stealing cars that want to be stolen. Also, I like Corvettes. That was pretty much the genesis of this little piece.  Written in August of 2008.

A Turtle Tale

T. Tyndell

This poem was inspired by my first roadkill upon moving to the country. Enjoy!!

The Race of the Poison Flask

Leanne Daniele

I had to write this for English. It's one of those horror stories that I enjoy writing. I was looking up names and when I came across the name Evette I thought that sounded pretty kewl, I also noticed that it really does mean life. Hope you enjoy.

To Wake In A Prophecy. Chapter 1: Is This Real?


This is the edited version of Chapter 1 of my latest story. Enjoy.

Moonlit Fangs

Ashley Hanna

This is another entry I did for a writing contest. I run the writing contests on the message board at which I visit, so I usually enter them too. I try to write fantasy entries so I can add them to my wonderful ElfWoodie library too. :p

Loch Lomond

Erin McLaughlin

My writing group’s weekly challenge was: write a story entitled “The Pipes” So I immediately think bagpipes. My favourite bagpipe song is “Loch Lomond,” so I wrote a story about that. I think this qualifies it as my first song fic.

Blue Plate Special

Amy Williams

A cold November night in a less than hygenic diner; Fiona clad in her usual black atire and attitude ponders violence over coffee... a funny twist at the end. Written 2002?

Rebirth Chapter Two - Judgement

Nicholas Ramsden

Edward and Kate face judgement in front of the Pearly Gates. How will an athiest cope with the Christian afterlife?

Four Realms, Chp I

Emil Johansson

This is the first chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

Man's Best Friend

Laura Moore

A short story that I'm actually rather happy with done for my english class. So much better tha my previous works its not even funny.Car crashes are bad. Car crashes that result in a ghostly visitor afterwards are much much worse.

Chapter Two: The Whispering Roses

Abbey Fitting

I hate this chapter, i hate everything about it, but untill i finish the rest of the book/story i cant do anything about it at all. I would leave it off except you guys need to at least know what happens that the cracks. There is a lot more here then meets the eye (i hope you noticed :-)) I promis better chapters to come!

Viggo the Moose

A. Boee

This piece is very special and totally different than everything else I've written in two ways; 1: It was written in Norwegian and translated to English later. 2. It was written with pen on paper. This is sort of surrealism, but then on the other hand it could happen to you. I guess there is a moral in the story, if you can find it; please tell me. If you by any chance speak Norwegian you can read the original here.