Joshua Young

It's just the beginning... and normally I wouldn't but something this unfinished up here (At least the Guardians Prologue is a whole section.) but I'm looking for some feedback to see if this is in anyway understandable. This story takes place in the same world as a manga I'm working on with a friend- a solar system in which the sun has shrunk and the Earth is dead, and the remanents of humanity hide away inside 'ARKS', which are part of the orbital ring mentioned here.... Anyway..... Yes, The main character is female, and yes, she is 1500 years old.

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (5)

Cly Novak

This is the 5 chapter. I think Maxx talks the most in this one than in any other chapter so far. And please remember... this is a little cat doing all this damage. Never thought a cat could do anything more than scratch when faced with a bath...

The Bamboo People

Stephanie Law

Unknowing Angel

Jaime Maxwell

it's a poem

Because I Care

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

This is my favorite poem. It is my first poem to have 2 lines per stanza instead of four. I was in the library looking out the window when I wrote it.

Enter the First Vampire

ME Burnham

This is the conclusion to my vampire three-parter. In the previous installations we met Andrew, Aven, and Terra. Aven's action-before-thought personality gained him a mysterious, fragile fledgling of his own, and not everyone will sit still for such a development.

Dust Bunny Care Guide

Jess Hickman

The basics you need to know to keep your dust bunny pet happy and healthy. (may be taken down soon, not sure!)

Slipping Away.

Heather 'dragon princess' Smith

I realy enjoyed writing this, but while writing, did not enjoy the situation that inspired it. Bah, I hate it when people I love travel without me, especially in planes. -.-

My Thoughts

Robyn Petrik

Just a short few lines, but I think it's really powerful. It has a harder, angrier edge than usual.

The sky is a mattress tonight

Carrie no.

okok, yes yes yet ANOTHER poem about,.. that evil ol world. mhm. im cynical i know maybe even sinister... but i like this poem:) its kinda neat and has that weird touch again. i know the ryhme is cheesy, but its kinda supposed to be, in all of these. because im REALLY sarcastic, and thats just one of my ways of making fun of the world, heh. anyway, enjoy:)

An Awakening

James Wright

This story takes place a year after the events of A Power Unknown. It continues to tell the story of Cara Niviari.