Ch 3 The Circle of Ice & Fire

Alice "Muffin Girl" Smith

Yeah... sorry 'bout that.--- Foreign Terms: --- Naysay: No Yeasay: Yes Wen'kian: little white worm guys, maybe the size of a Golden Retriever Ro'kian: Rockies and their Riders(Last updated: May 2005) (10 pages in three parts; 6,500 words total)


Owen Henry

Something inspired by listening to Jared Hudson's 'Metal Gear May Cry'. For those who haven't heard it, it's a classical piece, very dark, very dismal in the beggining, but eventually rising to a glorious and uplifting finish. Imagine me listening to that over and over as I write this, and you can almost get an idea of where it's coming from. I was also listening to 'Final Summoning' by the same man...Another very good piece of music, which I tried to draw on for a feeling of desperation, finding the hidden strength to survive. Enjoy it...I certainly enjoyed writing it. Sidenote: Anyone think it would be worth my while or someone else's to flesh out Thomas a bit, maybe carry his story a bit farther? I think it's an interesting concept...I'm just not sure where it would take me. Also...Any artists, I would LOVE to have illustrations for this...Maybe you do an illustration and I can write some kind of story take-off on a piece of art you've done? Consider it! Update 5/15: Wow! Mod's choice! I'm glad I gotitfor this story, especially considering how much I like it myself.

Cathedral: Prolouge

Matthew Akers

This story was inspired by the start of an In Nomine game that I participated in once, but the end of this story is much more final. This has been edited based n comments made on it. Thanks!


Claudia Verwoert

This is the prologue to a man. a young boy, who was destined to meet the gods. The gods he failed to believe in, and soon he has no choice, but to be one of them. One of the ancient creatures of the night, a Vampire.

Cathedral: Chapter 2

Matthew Akers

The story of Carrie the angel continues. Her escape from the hospital.

Convent Reflections

Shuo Chen

'Nuff said! Well, this one almost has a political side to it...

The Regent of Souls p4

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 6: Suri meets her new master and court proves less than peaceful. Chapter 7: Ah... Agravaine at last! Not that he's too happy about it.

Before the Dawn: The First Cannon is Loaded

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

Taking place directly after 'More Color,' in this piece a vampire-witch anxious to see change in this monotonous world gives a sort of 'weapon' to a young boy, knowing that even the smallest things can one day change the world.


Ruth Petroff

i don't even know how to preface this. i guess if you're really intent on finding out what the symbolism stands for, you can email me. but i think it should be fairly obvious, then again, this is the author speaking...this is the embodiment of one of the hardest times in my life...

La Catedral (The Cathedral)

Dan Farmer

I know, I know, this isn't a short story, nor is it really all that high fantasy type. None the less, this is the first poem I've ever written that I really loved, so I just had to put it up.

Heart's Cathedral (poems)

Esther Buhrman

Discoveries of peace, true self and silence...Heart's Cathedral was inspired by Enigma's 'Prism of Light'.

People of the Ash: Chapter 1

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 1 of 'People of the Ash.' Two members of the Ashion race meet in the city of Brasetol, a human city, and discuss matters concerning their race...

Hidden-Chapter six

Manda Evans

The most recent chapter of my story...

Hidden-Chapter two

Manda Evans

this is chapter two of my story, 'hidden'

Hidden-Prologue and Chapter one

Manda Evans

I decided to cut the version of 'Hidden' I had up here before into sections. Hopefully that will make it easier to read, as it is pretty long. For those of you who were here before and have read the version of Hidden that was up before, I think that either chapter 4 or chapter 5 onwards is new.

Father and Son

D. Thibodeaux

What makes a legend? Sure, his training may count for some of it... but his lineage and what he remembers of those he loves, past and present, have a greater effect in shaping a hero's character. And no one could be more influential to a young boy than his father.

Cathedral: Chapter 1

Matthew Akers

A continuation of the Cathedral story, in a way. Also another study on dialogue, and a study on a female personality. Did I do well? Updated with a few changes.

Hidden-Chapter five

Manda Evans

By the way, if you have any suggestions for titles for the individual chapters of this story, feel free to enlighten me^~

Hidden-Chapter three

Manda Evans

chapter three of 'hidden' ^~

Hidden-Chapter four

Manda Evans

'nuff said^~