Memory To Shadow

Bethany Holthof

This story was written for a friend for his English class. Shh! Don't tell! It was inspired by the musical CATS and the song Memory

Tabatha- pt 2

Nikki Drewry

Tabatha, Part 2 - Return. In which the Cats, having discovered paradise, return home to tell their pride, and discover a nasty surprise. Well, that wasn't a complete spoiler. In any case, I might have mentioned somewhere else that I wrote this for my Senior Project. Not only did I write it, but I illustrated it and bound it in a book. Oh! Illustrations! I've got to put those up in my other gallery! Thanks for reminding me.

Star Kitty: The Legend of Felindoria

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

In search of his sister, Star learns the Legend of Felindoria, the place where all cats originated, a story most special to black cats.

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....

Forbidden Existance Chapter 2

Ivy Charlotte

This is Chapter the Second of Forbidden existence. Let us return to the tale the bore forth from the dark corners of consciousness and reality, from the places where they meet and become forever entwined together.

Chapter Three ~ An Enchanter

Joe Thorn

Ara continues her journey and meets a spellweaver.

Dreams of Rain

Heather Nicholson

inspired by Sting's song 'Desert Rose'. it's currently a work in progress, so be expecting the rest pretty soon. I enjoy writing conversation, but am unfortunatly not very good at it and was thinking about cutting the convo. between Antar & the others. opinions?

Incantations of Kathadin Chap 1-1

Jamie Provencher

A war has broken and the seals have been broken, the points stolen. Can Reachalla and her friends save the world while maintaning their sanity?

Incantations of Kathadin Chap 2-1

Jamie Provencher

A war has broken and the seals have been broken, the points stolen. Can Reachalla and her friends save the world while maintaning their sanity?


Philip Stadler

A hastly decision forces the heroin into a desperat run to escape her pursuors

Failsafe Episode 1: Giants

Ethan Baker

Failsafe is an episodic story with anthropomorphic characters, set in Hong Kong thirty two years in the future after a third world war. Failsafe was originally inspired by the anime OVA, Fooly Cooly with influences from the anime Gad Guard, Neon Genesis Evangelion, the ska band Five Iron Frenzy, and some elements of my own life. (all of the episode are in fact named after FIF songs, some loosely based off the lyrics) While far from masterful, I believe Failsafe is my best work to date. I designed the story to play out kind of like a TV series or a graphic novel, with a total of fourteen episodes in the works.

The Song of the Retired Adventurer

Nim White

This song reflects three early player quests on the Storm Nexus NWN server .... but the last verse is purely imaginary (?)

The Cat Lady

MacKay Wilford [blue]

I created a character named Zephan who is half spider demon of some kind. Maybe I'll try sticking up the story that explains what he is. Y'know what? I will. Right after this. Aaaaanyway, HE wrote this piece -- he's a writer, of sorts, even though he's never published a book and edits, instead...

Tabatha- pt 1

Nikki Drewry

Tabatha, Part 1 - Journey. This is the first part of three, in which the Cats embark on a journey to find paradise. errr... I think this falls better under the catagory of fiction than fantasy. Other then being about anthromorphic cats in another world... there isn't all that much fantisy about it. Thus, I've filed this under sci-fi.

Writer's Block

Heather Anderson

Ever wonder what happens when you get writer's block? This is just a cute story that popped into my head.

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-prologue

Brian Pennington

SHIFTERS is a series I dreamed up after watching too many horror movies, and playing too many video games. It's got elves, vampires, unicorns, cat-people, and a plethora of other thingums.

T.S Eliot Said Nothing Of The Cats

Elizabeth Nitecki

a little bit of sureal stuff an irritated necromancer argues with Macavity, a very sleepy mystery cat and yes I was reading ts eliot's 'book of practical cats'

A little bit of history

Jodie Kirk

So what's this war about? Good question!! This here is a very brief history of the world, and explains to a certain extent why there is a war going on between the four species.

A Birthday Story

Danielle Agar

This is a story I wrote for my best friend's birthday. I had intended it to be part of an ongoing saga, but as with all good intentions... I think there's a Christmas chapter around somehwere. I wonder where that went...

Dungeons and Dog Poo

Karan Dunco

Kale, a safe and happy but incorrigable guy is walking home when a ninja girl drops into his life and kills his date.