Derek Shore

I was told to write my spiritual journey for a class this year. We were to write our own personal myth. This was mine.

Untitled Rhyme

George Chang

This rhyme was meant to be inserted into The Thaw of the Frigid Hearts, but failed since the play should be simple and any case, it still serves as a very interesting and inspiration evoker...I might put it into my book in the near future...

Prologue 1 The Darkness

John R. Smith

This is the first part of my series. Though it doesn't have to do with the town of Blandend directly it sets the mood of the people/town when the war was over and the soldiers returned from the swamp camps.

The Cave

Galit Oren

This is a gaurdian angel's warning to a curious young male human.... written as a poem (as if you couldn't tell) *bonks herself on the head* oww....

The Necromancer

Guillermo García

This story I wrote (the beggining at least) at my Language Art's class at school; after a thousand re-writings I ended up with this. I am not fully satisfied with the ending, it could be better but.... anyways, the names are inspired in my two crazy friends (both girls mind you) Yunuen (Yaweil..) and Frieda (Ferelil). It has ilustrations but... well I still haven't been able to put them (I dont know how). Jejeje

the Creature in the Cave

Alyssa'Zel Osborne

Three kids who finde something they didn't expect to find.


Amie Ballamis

This is the story I've been working on for a few years. Is the first chapter Ravon meets the dragon.

Guardian of Aloria (chapter 4)

Stephanie Walls

This is the 4th section...yadayadayada. Aidens making some new friends and the stories about to get alittle more exciting. I guess its probably been slow for awhile....


Jessica Hunt

This is my first attempt at a short story. It was written based off of a poem I wrote.

Lady of Fury 1

Karen Crumley

A darker side of myself emerges, in the character Beliah. A dragon-like creature known as a Dorndin... (Due to popular suggestion, this will be the new chapter 1 of my novel at )

Sanctuary Chapter Two

Justin Lucas

Kinoru gets answers to his questions and more about the Chosen is revealed.

Fire: The Fourth Element

Megan Balanck

Ok...this is an A-level English project. The task was to create a radio script, on any subject. I was stuck for ideas, and then I thought, what if they had radio in prehistoric times....

The Cave

Clare Rushing

Not one of my better works, though I am still quite proud of it. Hope you enjoy!

Sapphire Eyes Part Six: The City Of Caves

Athene Grele

Where you first realze how sweet and charming Sil is.... And the possiblities of Magick. (I love spelling it like that)

TMC - Part 1 - Chp 1

R.E. Kankaanpää

The long-awaited start of my *THE* story... Troll&Mermaid&Centaur. Yeah, yeah, the name needs work. But here is the beginning and it's not quite as good as I hoped! ^^ I'm confident something can be don about it, though, so no worries. (mate)

The Sidhe of the Danann

Sara Dungavell

I wrote this for writer's craft while I was still on my fairy kick, just after 'The Forest' actually. A sidhe is a fairy cave, and the Tuatha de Danann are fairies.

To Rob a Dragon - 3 The Mountain

Valerie Lamb

Chapter Three. George and Iynmiir have a little walk and find an unpleasant suprise waiting for them when they get back...

The Curse of Caerassa - Chapter 3

Vidya Enantia´ Gopalakrishna

Here comes Chapter 3! One warning--I have a few problems with this chapter, so it's probably going to be rewritten by the time i write chapter 4, some stuff may get shuffled around. I'd particularly like comments and critiques about the first and the last scene - and anything else that gets your attention. Hope you enjoy!

After the Piper

Zania Marais

Well I somehow managed it again, a short story that is. This is indirectly inspired by the story of the Piper. Directly it was inspired by a song, 'Whistler' by Demons and Wizards. Gorgeous song!I've read and reread it but I probably missed a number of errors. Also I know the grammar in a few parts are bit...shall we say 'interesting', but I couldn't think of another way to phrase it.

Poem: Mad Merlin

AC Bamblett

They say that King Arthur's Merlin went mad for a time and disappeared into the hills... This is a medium-length poem inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead's 'Merlin'.