Prologue 1 The Darkness

John R. Smith

This is the first part of my series. Though it doesn't have to do with the town of Blandend directly it sets the mood of the people/town when the war was over and the soldiers returned from the swamp camps.

To Rob a Dragon - 3 The Mountain

Valerie Lamb

Chapter Three. George and Iynmiir have a little walk and find an unpleasant suprise waiting for them when they get back...

Wyvern Project 3: A Tale of Madness and Pride

Richard Lorenz

A Treatise on the Damnation of a Soul and its effects on Society at Large: Or, A Tale of Madness and Pride

His Immortal Soul (prolouge)

Mandy Vissering

This is a strange little prolouge to a story I might get around to writing someday.


Justine T. Phillips

Shounen ai. My newest couple, a prim and proper elven prince, and a lain back pirate find the path to love, once upon a warm, summer day, upon a little bit of questing, inside this short story. Another one of my sad attempts at a bit of romantic humor. Involves my shounen ai-lovin' muse, the Goddess Toriko, and her loyal follower nymphs.

Untitled Riddle of a Poem

George Chang

Again this is untitled...this was taken off from my english playlet script when I found out the this would be too intriguing for those taiwanese judges to after being taken off, I had it changed a bit, and I'm thinking now if I should to put it into my book...(perhaps I will)

In The Leprechaun's Cove


In which our hero falls upon a treasure.

SuedoRyu - Prologue

Soul Cheung

Just the start of something, a small introduction to my futuristic fantasy world.


Ruth Petroff

this story is dedicated to my friend Jace (whose comments are scattered throughout my writings here). he was the sole inspiration for this piece, and it is his birthday present from me. he's an awesome writer, and i'm trying to get him to post his stuff! (hint hint). anyway, enjoy the story...

The Rescue of Arel

Tell Payne

Ruad and Dob arrived home for the Ritual of Manhood only to find the village ensorcelled and Arel, Dob's mate, gone.  Ruad finds the trail of a small band, and they take off to rescue Arel.

Fort Garskouth

T Bertram

The dreary fortress of Garskouth, heavily fortified and well guarded, is no easy target for a late night raid. Flix is a copyright of S Boxer and I have her permission to use this character.


Olga Kuz

The Holocaust has claimed many lives. Yet stragglers live on, finding refuge in the icy mountains of Tibet. All seems well, until Fera drags Dio deep into a surreal cavern and tells him of her prophecy: a second Holocaust, the ultimate horror... ~Normally I write horror/fantasy, but I guess this is an exception. In personal opinion, this is the most unique ending I have ever written.


Anson Brehmer

My token attempt at creepy poetry, based off a nightmare I once had. I was in a very dark place when I wrote this... (Revised 8/1/04)

Sanctuary Chapter One

Justin Lucas

One man. Thousands of prophecies. The earth is about to be overcome with evil. The destroyer has come. Two will be chosen.

The Cavern of the Ages

Z.A. Roberts

Castle Eld 1 - Stacked

Ashley Wynn

Umm. I just started this piece the first week of November 2004. Kind of a wierd idea I've had. I can feel definate influences of Tad Williams, Stephen King, Patricia McKillip, and Dan Crawford in this one.

To Love Someone As Me

Sue Kim

4;25/2002 -- This is the very beginnings of an actual story idea. I've never really written a STORY-story before. This one started out as a drawing idea and it looked like I could create an entire story around one image. I literally just thought up the image today, started sketching out the drawing, and then began to daydream. I don't expect to write a novel in a day, or a week, or a month, or even a year. Just whenever I find a spare moment. PS: The title is pronounced 'Cahn-dahl-ee-ey'. Drawings to follow.This is the beginning of it all...