4 Choices

Kiri Simmons

This is 4th story of Larien

The First Drought

Rebekah Williams

This is the story of the first drought on Earth.

Celestial Bodies

Nathyun Schnebbe

Random haikus came to mind while driving at night.

The Order of the Fallen Angel

Daniel Lix

Okay. This isn't actually a story in and of itself, but I've just recently started exploring the universe I've been creating for my celestial hunters and I ended up going off on a tangent in which I created a whole bunch of new items. I figured I'd put them up here, so that when I actually do start writing new stories in my universe, there'll be a reference file right here for anyone who might be interested.

Celestial Masterpiece

Crystal Burgundy

This is a poem about the starry heavens of our world.

Michael's Tale

Garon Whited

What's an ex-human to do when he's assigned to clean up someone's life?

Leyli, Prelude of Pain

Herb Piercy IV

Leyli comes into her own new light through pain and mystery.

Mere Mortals

Mark Sherry

A bureaucrat ponders his job and his alternative...

Departure Gate 02


Airports, I have come to discover, are depressing places; full of people either going away or being left behind. They are lonely places designed for the separation of souls. True, they can also be for reunions, but this story is for all those who have ever been left standing at the windows, watching your loved one fly away into the great unknown...


Daniel Ecklund

This is the long awaited (:P) sequal to Memory. I figure that all the titles for my stories are gonna be a single word of some relative importance :) I haven't figured out a name for the series tho. Anyways, this story is set aprox. one month after Memory.

Rava Meets Torsis

Teresa Vogtman

A half-gold dragon half-celestial takes her first trip away from her Heavenly home and discovers that Arlos is a more dangerous place than she expected...

1 Celestials Duty

Kiri Simmons

this is the first story of Larien

Celestial Wraith

Amanda Audi

A short take on the Celestial Wraith of Destruction. I re-uploaded it, because of alot of the mistakes. I hope I most of them. Forgive me!

The Daemons of Tritania V(P1)

Daniel Lix

Aeon Lightforce, a mercenary for the Order of the Fallen Angel has been placed in command of an infestation cleansing mission on the backwater world of Tritania V.

Saturn's Rings

Krissy Marie' Jones

A little fairy soul finds herself after a journey in the heavens. Also, my dear friend Holly put my poem to shame with her beautiful illustration of Saturn's Rings.

2 Shamless

Kiri Simmons

This is the second story, of Larien.

Celestial Eternity: Prolouge

Maria Serna

This leads to a much LONGER series that I'm writing, titled Celestial Eternity. I'm really looking for critiques on this, good and bad alike, but please only constructive! Please leave a comment or e-mail me and let me know if you want to read more.

Night Sky, My Guardian

Krissy Marie' Jones

~I read in your bio that you are an avid stargazer; I guess your relative latitude is a boon in that area. I have a visual disability called Retinitis Pigmentosa. My night vision and peripheral vision are severley impaired, making stargazing virtually impossible. I would really like to see a description of stagazing in one of your poems or stories.~ This one was written for and dedicated to my pal, Elrohir! Hope you like it!

Rava and the Council

Teresa Vogtman

Rava Shai'pyron has had an interesting dream and a strange message from her father and the Council of Elder Dragons... What could they want?

Casting of the Stars

Julie 'Muse of She Who Draws A Lot' Allen

This is a poem I wrote after I commissioned a friend of mine to draw me a picture :) So now we're each other's muse. Please checking out the picture here: The Casting of the Stars