Forgoten Family:- One

Amy Wilson

Richard Lucas discovers after his ship is shot down, his compainion himself are not the only captives. the Centaor clans, thourght dead for centuries are alive and in need of rescuing, but will his uncle help or hinder??

Pink-ish Blue-Yellow

Ella Kaminski

I wrote this at 1am at night. I know it is not the best, but take in account that I created it in 10 minutes huddled a dark corner of my room. I do not know what came over me or inspired me to write it, but all I know is that when I put my pen on the paper, it just started flowing from me.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 05 Heselrasiatau

Katherine Bates

Chapter 5, a long one. Anything in italics is said through mind and not heard aloud.

Alayzs and Exahnin

Katie Hallahan

A short beginning that just showed up in my head. I like it, so hopefully this will develop into something more over time. Alayzs is pronounced 'A-laze,' Exahnin is pronounced exactly how it looks.

Malice; Chapter 1: The Begining.

Janine Daniels

Ok folk, chapter one finaly here! its extremely short, but, dont blame me, coz.... coz i wanted it short :P and there not much description, but dont balme me! blame this part of the story, tis dead boring. BUT! as they say, things can only get better, and they do, so! plz do read the rest of the story ^_^

This Stranger, My Friend p. 51-60

Anna Smith

Pages 51-60 of the novella.

David's Swan - part II

Marie Thorsen

'The following morning, I was awoken by absolutely nothing out of the ordinary'

Heir to An Empire 2 (2000)

Sarah Bellian

You wanted it, you got it. Turns out there was one more piece buried in my computer's 19.6 GIGS of .doc files... Still looking for the rest.


Stephanie Kunder

branch of the government gone bad, using orphaned and kidnapped youth to experiment with a DNA mutation injection. merges human DNA with a choice animal.

Untitled Chapter Three

Jen Robbins

This is the third chapter in Alissandra's Story. It is, as yet untitled. I wish I had some idea what to call it.

Untitled Chapter Seven

Jen Robbins

This is the final, thus far, chapter in Alissandra's story. Her circumstances are dire indeed and though I should have tacked this onto chapter six I thought it needed to be all on its own.

Untitled Chapter Six

Jen Robbins

Alissandra's battle against the invasion continues. She has made to her destination only to be thwarted by the monarchy. The centaurs are close behind. What will become of Alissandra's plight in this the sixth chapter of the story.

Meet Nishanti

Heather Chenery

Right, I'm posting this premature to what I would've wanted to do because I'm getting bored of writing it. I shall put the rest of it up when I finish.This isn't the pages long one that I've been going on about btw, just something short. Hope u like it. I may do a pic of Nish sometime.Do not steal in any way, shape or form.


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter four of Peridot

A Whimsical Story

Raquel Boyce

A novice writer attempts to introduce to the reader the fantastic creatures that inhabit his household.

Green Land 05: Signs of Life

Richard Lorenz

We are fleeing Death. It is all around us. In the midst of despair, we find hope. Black, hopeless hope.

No Name Yet

Jessica Sams

Yet another story that will become a novel.

The Five Powers- Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Adriane McQuiston

This is a story of fate and destiny dealing with all creatures of all lands. Chapters containing violence and gore will me marked so, otherwise it is safe to read anywhere. This Chapter does NOT have any of the sort, so it is safe for reading almost anywhere. Chapter 1: Here we meet Elshi, an elf of a rustic village who is trying to deal with the death of her parents. This chapter introduces a few of the main characters and sets up the story... Its kind of hard to summarize and to make it more interesting-sounding. ;p Note: This is still Chapter 1, but it was too large to submit in one file so I had to cut it in half. This is the second and final part to chapter 1. Please refer to the Dictionary file for translations.

The Realm of the Phoenix

Dani Hall

Off far away from earth, there is a magical world. When you cross from our world to theirs, they bless you and wish you good journey.

Shinwa Shiranai ~ Kouko Sennyu

Danielle Lamar

June 2, 2006 is just another normal day for Kumi Taji. A short fight with her younger brother, yet another argument with her father over fantasy books, another day of trying to put up with her irritatingly family... all very routine. But then she meets a stranger in the forest preserve, and her life will never be normal again.