Fallen Angel

Kelly Hunt

I originally wrote this to go with a series of pictures I drew. The poem pretty much describes the drawings too. It's not long but I like it.

Chapter 8

Opal Parkison

Possibly the shortest chapter ever... Aivren meets some people she wishes she wouldn't need to.

chapter 9

Opal Parkison

This is another one that was removed for a while because I had been thinking about publishing my story... never mind that. The Children are taken to the house of Lebri and Feriluc before their journey continues. Aivren remembers some bad memories. This is a fairly short chapter.

Demon Within

Julie Becker

.. sometimes the demon we face in our life seems to acquire a personality all its own...and sometimes..it wins..

Chapter 6

Opal Parkison

See how I gradually rebuild my library so you can see the whole story... In this chapter, there is a creature called an earthfish that comes to talk to Aivren tries to free Elnorel's ghost. The Children tell a story.

Frog's Kiss - Chapter 3 - Please Do Not Disturb

Bianca Tangermann

Well. For better or for worse, this story insists on being continued. This is a kind of inbetween-sequence to give you an idea of what's happening at the museum. This mermaid of mine is getting creepier and beastlier by the minute. But I like that evolution. Granted, I hate this with a passion - there's no substance to it at all, I need to pray to my author-gods (Adams, Foer, Meyer, Williams, Lukyanenko...) for forgiveness and salvation...but Liesel, a friend of mine who sort of authorizes my work, said she loved it, and Jess (something like my illustrator XD) merely said it's a bit long in places. So I'll just see what Elfwood will say.


L. Viner

Inspired by a story in fictionpress.com... About a rebel angel who breaks free and starts a revolution against the gods, who decide the fates of humanity... A fight for freedom. (Note: this doesn't express my religious beliefs and is not intended to offend anyone's religion, it's just a harmless poem and should be seen as such). However healthy criticism is highly appreciated!

In Shining Armor

Leanne Daniele

This is a poem I wrote for my wonderful boyfriednd. It pretty much desrcribes me in a weird messed up way. I wrote this for him because he has given me life and meaning. He is the love of my life.

Forsaken Genesis-Chapter 3

Brian Murphy

Duel of Fate: Father vs. Sons? Crisis in Akasha: The City of Light Destroyed

My Power

Catrina Callahan

a little thing i wrote one day about a hidden angel...me. lol. that sounds funny. but anywhatzit i suppose you can't really call it poetry...but hey it's not really a story either...meh...

Chapter 7

Opal Parkison

More about the captives... This time, they meet one of Rogreir's bosses.

To Be Free

Laura Biles

Zaum is a prisoner of theives. He has been beaten and abused. One night, though, someone comes to change his life forever. But for better or for worse?


Elena Larson

Er... Long car trip... Before I could drive...

Raider 04: Reversal

Richard Lorenz

Our hero finds himself in a bind, looses himself, and decides to use his captors, while allowing them to think they are using him.

Drake of the Sea

Emily Hofmeister

A drake lives in captivity under the sea. But how did he get there? No one knows for sure.

Tornadorn Chapter 2

Scarper Shone

This is the next some-what-shorter part of the Tornadorn story. The dark elven city of Tornadorn was destroyed and the race, obliterated. Or was it? I have my friends permission to work on the story and she has mine.

The Torture Room

Emily Morgan

This is my horror story/poem of life and a wonderful succession of seemingly worse and worse predicaments, arguments, life-sucks-ingness, etc. that ended in the equivilent of... (read and find out)

The Key

'Princess' Hewett

We all have the key, it's up to you to unlock your chains. You will have consequenses, good or bad, either way.

Chapter 5

Opal Parkison

This is the chapter in which you'll meet the captives--the Kairin Children and Aivren

Angel Falls

Christine Miller

I wrote this one in my creative writing class. It gave me something to think about.