Katelyn's Story

Dana Caldwell

Well, it's rather long, and I need to break this puppy up into some chapters somewhere around here, but the most logical place means that the first chapter wouldn't have any fantastic elements, so Elfwood won't accept it. Anyway, this one is the typical girl discovers that she's more than she appears thingie. It was a dream I had one night. Embellished, of course. *grin* But not the best parts.

Erollisi Lost Begining

Dustin LaBrasseur

In the process of being edited.

The Lay of Sir Berkley of Fairdale (Part One)

Cullen Groves

Well, I decided I wanted to write a medieval romance, with all the Arthurian chivalric stuff--but with a twist! So here it is, in two parts. This part is the breaking into the evil magic-user's tower.

Where Demons Abound

Emma-Jane Smith

My submission for Project #19 of the Herscher Project. Enjoy!


Colleen Sweeney

Erm... this is a poem about a castle... :) heh heh... I'm so good with words! Please comment!!

The Dragon Champion and the Dragon of Bones

Sarah Stover

Anywho, this is an extra credit epic I did for my advanced English class. See, I wanted to bring up my grade two points so that I would meet the requirements to not take the final, which is I need to get an 85 or higher in order to not take the final at the end of the year. So my teacher said I could write an epic, and I did. At first I wasn't sure what to write about, but then I remembered the picture of King Dragoon and Lord Moth that I did over the summer, and decided to write a story with King Dragoon. I printed out a copy of that picture, as I had no clue where the original was and I only had one night to do it, and inked over the lines with my pen. Speaking of that picture...I really need to color it and digitally ink it... And on a final note, this is the first story I've actually written. I sort of did one in 5th grade...but it was required and for school...and I don't really count it. So yeah, enjoy! ^.^


Benjamin Albrecht

i am fascinated by people who lead ordinary lives, day after day, until something happens and they become extraordinary...

Champion of Taura: The First Task

Catherine Dolber

This was the product of an assigned Hero myth for my high school senior year mythology class. I really got into it and I hope to go back and add more detail and deepen the story when i get a chance.

Enchantress Part I

Dustin LaBrasseur

Unfortunately the inspiration ran out on this gem. The first and last part. Thanks for the great comments guys. :)

Richard, Champion of Homely Hill

Ilya Gutner

A poem about the champion of Homely Hill.


Jochannon Mahler

The battle was won, the Phoenix reborn was saved, but the war continues. The sorcerers are mighty, and have driven the contras to take refuge in hidden castles, far from the enemy. But Knox is afraid; Ally is in danger once again, this time, from a mroe insidious foe: the Phoenix herself.

new edge

Benjamin Albrecht

what's the greatest force in the universe? i think that we all know. we ought to admit it, right?

A Peace of Land

kris black

Hey this was supposed to be a ballad but it didnt work. iim kinda good at this so hope you like it.

Chapter One: The Test

Scott Shrimpton

At last, one has been chosen, and the 'pen will give way to the sword'.