An Elven Star

Stephanie Thomas

Elita doesn't belong to any known species in Talnam but someone, somewhere knows something because she is being hunted down. She must flee her home and team up with someone she thinks is arrogant to find her own species and somewhere to be safe.

The One Beloved: Ch01 Blue Moon Changes

Emma-Jane Smith

The edited version of Dalon and Ameile's saga... also known as Blue Moon Changes.

The One Beloved: Ch02 What is Revealed

Emma-Jane Smith

The next installment about Dalon and Ameile after Blue Moon Changes. Hope you enjoy!

Changes-Chapter Five

Hali Pinson

oooo they finally made it and they have to

Moonlight or Day

Elizabeth Whitcombe

I was doing this roleplay with this guy and *coughs* I jotted down this quick poem about his character. I suppose it's all right, if my friend thinks that it's her favorite story of mine... June 2002

'Stepsister' Part 1: Adria

Rose Po Campbell

Chapters 1 through 5. An introduction is made to our heroine.

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 1

Alexa Hendrickson

Your not-so-average vampiric countess gets tossed into an adventure like no other.

The Gifted

Michelle Cipollone

This story is my second attempt at storywriting. It's about a girl who leaves her village in the dead of night and finds out something about her past that could change her life.

Worlds Away

Deborah Cullins Smith

Angelica is a wife and mother who feels overwhelmed by the demands of modern life. One night a mysterious visitor named Lilith appears and offers her one wish. Angelica could not imagine the consequences and the horror of one little wish. This story was written as part of Herscher Project # 11. This is Part One. See Part Two for the exciting conclusion!

Changes-Chapter One

Hali Pinson

i've spent over a month on this ONE chapter...i didn't proofread it or anything i was sooo tired of it...i think it's good...please excuse any typos...this is one story i'm DETERMINED to finish.....i promise..not that many of u care..o well....anyway, this story is about a group of friends who find out an amazing history about themselves

Changes-Chapter Four

Hali Pinson

just the fourth installment of my super awesome story haha yea right, anyway it's shorter than the others but it's still good

College Dragons prologue and chapter 1

Michelle Appleby

Prologue and Chapter 1 this is the part where something is happening but Kelsey has no idea what.

A New Home

Valerie Pyles

The dragons, lessened in number, attempt to find a home in space.


Rory Johnson

Yeah, original title, huh? I promise to think of a better one. Anyway, this is the story of four teenagers and how their lives change. Wow, that's original too, huh?

Changes-Chapter Two

Hali Pinson

chapter two of Changes

Changes-Chapter Three

Hali Pinson

chapter three of Changes...really odd story behind this but i'll just leave you to wonder about it