Traveling Partners

Kat McGrath

Okay, so this was a story I had up before, but somehow got deleted... So, here it is again.

Chapter 2

Amanda Ellis

Another chapter... This chapter was so hard to write...

The Toymaker's Workshop

Anson Brehmer

The old church sat, closed to all except the eccentric caretaker, who lived in the old theater and had made it his home and place of business. And what a business it was! What wonders will you find in Mr. Silver's workshop? And what horrors?

a crystaluna story

K. Thompson

this is for crystaluna.. the formatting sucks, but im still learning.. actually, this is for bunny and tenchi too, but its unfinished ;P

Chapter 4

Amanda Ellis

More, more, more. But this time there's some hope. Finally.

Shinara; The Capture

J Taylor

The capture of a changling named Shinara. Vastly improved from the original. 'The Collar' the second part of this received 3rd place at Elftown in the Fable Contest.

Wood Pixie

Rachel Simon

What happens when a new girl with a very interesting secret comes to your school.

One Moon's Blood Chpt. 1

Nicole K. Rolleri

This is a story about a family of Vampires and a dangerous creature who is after them... or is he?

What Was Left Behind

L. 'Cerastes' DuVall

A fairy tale in a modern setting, sort of.


Amanda Ellis

Well, so far I don't have a title for this story, but please read it. This is just the prologue, and if anyone out there has a good idea for a title, by all means, leave me a comment! I'm not guaranteeing that I'll choose that, I'm rather picky, but still. Maybe one of you will have a stoke of genius that I haven't had yet. Anyway, this is a fantasy story, many different races in a different time and all. Well, I'll just let you read it.

Shinara; The Collar

J Taylor

What is it that will happen to the changling who has been captured? Will she become another helpless victim to the one named Danon? This received 3rd Place in the Fable Contest at Elftown.

We'll always be here

Rachel Simon

This idea came to me when I was thinking about changlings and things and i was wondering what would it be like to just wake up away from all you have known and how would you act and how would the faeries react to that, and i came up with this.

Dredars prophecey

John Howes

this was mostly written to test the use of my version of the elven language

Chapter 3

Amanda Ellis

Well, if you've gotten this far, thank you!!! Another chapter... also hard to write... I feel so bad for my character...


J Taylor

One of my grandmother's favorite tales is an Irish shapechanging demon called a pooka. This piece original received Mod's Choice on February 22, 2005. Constructive Criticism is appreciated on this and any piece you read, as are any comments.

Shinara; An Addition

J Taylor

After weeks of staying under the care of the cruel magiK user, a visitor arrives, giving Shinara a reason to fight.