Queen's Chant

Annie Jessan

This chant will become somewhat important my novel. In the story it is used both as a greeting, but its major use is as a way for the Domina's (old and new) to recognize each other.

Witch's Chant

Anne Milne

A spell of general chaos cast by the witches for no reason inperticular, maybe they were bored

The Holy Moons

Henrik Lerdahl

Another text that was supposed to be something else. Started out as a short piece of information on the Moons religion, worshipping the two moons in my world. Then I discovered that the text rhymed, so I just split the lines and added more verses. Somehow I think my inner poet managed to compel my subconscious. So, here we have a spiritual/religious hymn/chant/song to the two holy moons!

Thrall Song

Daniel Blishen

A traditional working song of the canine slaves of the 'Down' universe. Heard most often by thralls working hard labour.

A Grebsa's Chant

Heidi Hecht

This is supposed to be something the Grebsas came up with for a Veroshi celebration.

Battle Chant at Dawn -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. A minotaur chant for going into battle. Usually used by clans or in the army. Rarely by individuals. Almost ritually done the dawn before fighting is engaged in on a large scale.

The Deathcry

Robin Morero

Short poem. Altered chant based on Sourian custom of deathcries.

Ancient Chant

Nefarious Philippa McMahon

This chant had been used in the first 'mk'non' but its meaning was only discovered in the fith 'mk'non'. This is only a rough translation though, and the meaning of some words are still undecided.

Tormented by Voices

Shuo Chen

This piece is inspired by a song called 'Notre Dame des Ronces', by Nothvs Filivs Mortis, and it should be playing right now. So turn up your volume, speakers and the like... If all attempts to listen to the song fail and you're intent on hearing it, please go to http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/910/910803.html and click on either 'Lo Fi Play' or 'Hi Fi Play'. Thanks. By the way, this piece should officially be part of the chaos series.

Dwarven Mining Song

David Pearlman

From northern Shride comes this popular Dwarven chant from the deepest mines and halls

Night Falls

Ben Marroquin

Night Falls is a piece of flash fiction horror that I wrote for a writing contest. Hope you enjoy it.

Vampire's Chant

RikKI Dunn

a poem

Oath to Veraa

Daniel (Lunar Raven)

This is a poem about some kind of mystical evil people (The chaziir from the other poem). A chant/prayer to their goddess

Tale of the Spell


A translation of some chant used during some ritual. It actually has some power - or at least I believe it to have - so... I altered it. On purpose. But please enjoy it anyway, and of course comment on it. *grin*

The Time of the Night For A Brewing

David Pearlman

I wrote this as a drinking song from northern shride. Namely the Gammrian Kingdom. It's written rather strange because it's being sung by drunk adventurers or other sort and some of it dosn't sound right. Slang of shride should follow this shortly.

Song of War (song)

D. Hendrikson

When the dragons march for war, they chant various rhymes in their own languages. This is one of them, and not a very good one (I’m not the best translator of the draconic languages!) any suggestions would be very welcome!

The continuing adventures of the Delusional Wonder

Jennifer Meadows

Just a weird idea I had.

Song of the Dawn Watch -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. This song will be in one of my short stories, written for it. If I get around to finishing it, that is. Also from my 'universe' of minotaur people, clan Arluun.


Carrie Miller

This is a poem, written after being present at a large bonfire. I was thinking of fire as ritualistic, and part of the spiritual heritage of man. This is a priestess's chant during a fire dance.



Hecatae was - or should I say is? - the patron of crossroads, night, witchcraft and a thousand of other things associated with women. This prayer is a part of the #LothDSG project.