Desperately Seeking Subtext

Erin McLaughlin

The first line says it all.

Heart of Stars

Eric Hopkins

A young dragon inherits his mother's empyrean powers.

Chaos or Luck

Peggy Buren

What Would Shidi Legarro Do?

Aus Cushing

A chaotic paladin, an obsession with parodying tunes, and a somewhat deranged mun turned this already odd song even odder. Read at your own risk, and be advised that yes, it's a spoof of 'What Would Brian Boytano Do?', not an original tune or whatever. Sung in praise of Shidi Legarro, Celtic goddess of chaos, nature, and the void (don't ask how that fits together, you don't want to know.)

Amaria Deth Lintueus, Chaos

Danielle Anderson

This is the beginning of a story (I figured I shouldn't put the whole 23 pages on here yet...) Amaria, Tharivol, Aedia, and Tyrien are introduced here in the beginning... and so the horror begins.

Witch's Chant

Anne Milne

A spell of general chaos cast by the witches for no reason inperticular, maybe they were bored

Final Vengeance

Jason Romein

This one is the almighty, long-awaited sequel to the Fall of Asmodius! Mostly long-awaited because I was too lazy to post it, but... =O This one is a good story, though, and it sorta leads up to 'Talon's Legacy - Prologue', and with 'Fall of Asmodius', it tells the highlights of the Talon story, with the exception of his final fall at the Battle of Vortex Gate. Enjoy this mighty tale!

Hello, Death. And how are you?

Rhonda Jezek

A young mother faces a gruesome choice for the fate of her children.

The Abyss

Jean Boree

This poem was written for a friend of mine 'Angel' who is a cherished friend and to whom I give this poem as a gift. After living through a horrible storm and loosing everything to that storm ,I wanted to give her something special to show that I'm thinking of her and wishing a swift recovery! :) *hugs* For those wondering, the abyss is a role playing channel Angel runs and which I have the pleasure of helping out with :O) I hope you guys who are intrested in rps will email me so I can send you to see her web page and you can possibly join us one day!:)

Chaos - Chpt 1 unedit

Michael Darling

Chapter 1 of Chaos

Chaos - Chpt 3 unedit

Michael Darling

Chapter 3 of Chaos

Chaos - Chpt 5 unedit

Michael Darling

Chapter 5 of Chaos

Chaos - Chpt 4 unedit

Michael Darling

Chapter 4 of Chaos


Maria McGrath

in the south of Gamma, two kingdoms are constantly at war. The industrial Telakaan and the wild Quaria can't seem to find common ground, but now the chance for peace has come. A lost prince holds the key, but there are many who would not see him win the throne. Peace will come to Quaria from a deed of compassion. Raowhin, the true son of the king has been found, but will he live long enough to fulfill his role or will his life be snuffed out by those who thrive in the chaos of war?

Maelstrom Saga: Book I, Chapter II

James Woodall

The worlds of chaos overflowing, the unknown evil is growing, the darkness is ever knowing. He lives his life unknowing the evil that lies within. Firgof, a mere mortal among the race of men.

Project Earth (Part IV)

Christina Lovse

Maeko & Harrison are abducted by a strange woman from another dimension. The rest of the group finds a mysterious grouping of smokestacks.

Four Realms, Chp III

Emil Johansson

This is the third chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

Prologue To The Chaos To Come

Sebastian Schrodt

The beginning of Marta and how things are as they are in The Chaos To Come

Echoes of the Past

Shuo Chen

Um...I think the 'I' in here is supposed to be r@ped and 'I' is remembering the incident...I can't use that word! Aahh! Please don't go away...there's none of the imagery or offending stuff. Hehe...Anna Kechara has read this...though I don't think she liked it too well...

Realm Of Chaos

Adria Self

This was something I wrote in my journal. It seems like a fantasy setting for some type of world.