Untitled-Chapter three

Denise Ertan

This is the next chapter (and gives some background)

Inhabitability Chapter 5

Christopher Heisserer

The plot thickens. Again.

The Prophecy of Cadyze: Chapter 3

Catherine Brodie

And it's chapter 3!! Here we meet my favourite character Karissa. xD I'm a bit evil to her.. =/

The Mark of The Dragon Chronicles: Chapter One

Maggie Flametail' Marsh

This is part of the first chapter of the book I have in the works...will finish it as soon as possible!

Tales of Altomia: The Box - Chapter One

Skyler Crouse

Lauren Wiseblade was just trying to make his way in the world; namely, kicking butt, and avoiding having his butt kicked. Yes, he knows it's a girl's name. And yes, he would NOT like you to point that out. Follow Lauren's hilarious adventures with the enchanter Jared Starfist and the Takma Hurdill Mimsy, and how a certain Box caused the creation of a mountain. This chapter shows Jared's unusual entrance into the bar of the Gambling Gnome, Lauren's decision to take up the job and the resulting humiliation of trying to look tough. Note: You might want to read A Brief History of Altomia first before you read any of the Tales of Altomia. You don't have to, and it's usually more fun to find out about this strange world I have devised through the actual stories that the history, but, well, MEH. Also, constructive criticism would be just smashing, guys. Once again, a cookie for Shanra for her very helpful advice.

Chapter 9: Child of the Storm

Caitlin Schneider

This chapter may be short but it gives some tantalizing hints to the further plot.

Chapter 8, In Search For Elysia

Hoofire Solarflare (Aka: Alana Jane King)


Search for the Dragon Stones:Chapter2 The Woman in the Woods

Alyssa'Zel Osborne

the second chapter in the Search for the Dragon Stones

Peace Chronicle - Chapter 1

Amanda Davies

Tiaran and Steve have normal lives untill they encounter the Fyt Hyl

Dagora Khelian - Chapter 5

Andrea Smith

Okay, I had to fight several nasty dragons to get thischapter put up with the illustration...I'd appreciate some comments on that, too! Don't mind it's crappiness, please, I'm a better writer than I am an artist.

Chapter one - Cruel fate

Ashley Bruce

This is the very first chapter in a story which I have been trying to write for ages. I still not completely happy with it but I think this is the best version. I havn't quite decided on the story's name, I was think along the lines of 'A darkened heart' but I don't know! Any suggestions whould be gladly appreciated = o)

Chapter two - A stranger's hand

Ashley Bruce

This is the second chapter of my very long story which still isn't finished. There are probably quite a few typos... woops. I apologise for that now.

DF chapter 11

Chad Costen

chpt.11 No More Secrets The missing chapter has finally returned! ENJOY!

Hanni, Chapter 5-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, Hanni and Murvy engage in a deadly battle with a poisonous snake. Princess Magnolia and the rabbit team up to try to break free from the evil wizard. And later, Princess Magnolia is re-captured by the wizard...or is she?

Hanni, Chapter 11

John Larsen

In this installment in the series about the time-travelling boy, Hanni, Hanni continues his journey as he leaves the town of Crid in Mora's chariot. But a dark, evil creature awaits them as they leave the village, and Hanni nearly encounters death!!!

Hanni, Chapter 12

John Larsen

In this chapter, Kumo, the troll sets Hanni afoot on his mission. Thejourney continuesin a big way!

Hanni, Chapter 2-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, we meet the beautiful Princess Magnolia. Sadly for her, she is currently being held prisoner by the evil wizard, Phantor. The wizard is keeping the beautiful princess in a gilded birdcage where she is learning to adapt and adjust to life as a caged bird.

Hanni, Chapter 3-REVAMPED

John Larsen

This is Chapter 3 in my installment about a time-travelling boy named Hanni This is chapter 3 of my story of a time-travelling boy and his adventures to the dark underworld to save a beautiful princess. In this chapter, Hanni begins his journey. Along the way, he meets of a new furry friend that accompanies him. We even see a series of flashbacks from BEFORE Hanni's adventure began.

Random Chapter

Bella Feine

My sister (age ten) was complaining to me about having to go to the cinema and watch some strange film about a little naked baby who saves the village with a twig and a pair of shoes when this chapter came out of no where. I have no idea what the rest of the story is, who the characters are, how it finishes...it's just there.

Legend Of The Elves - Chapter 3 - Search For Civilization

Kurt Le Courtois

The 3rd chapter, not complete.