Rise of the Vampires Chap 1 & 2

Karen Cruz

This is my little vampire story that I started up. And her name is Anaira, not Araina like I thought it was. Sorry if therewas any confusion! ^.^ Anyway, me hopes that u like!

Chapter 5&6: Child of the Storm

Caitlin Schneider

Now i would like some peoples opinion on the story so far, i feel kinda like it is moving too fast, does anyone else feel this way or is just weird old me?

Prince of Wolves Chpt 3-4

Jennifer A. Menzi

Description of Chapters: Chapter Three: Thomas wakes up to find that he's now colorblind. To make matters worse, he goes downstairs to find Patches dead at the bottom of the stairs...later calls Kim to talk to her about it and asks if Billy can come see what caused Patches to die since Thomas is too afraid to touch her. *~*Mild Spoilers here*~* Chapter Four: Thomas buries Patches outside and feeds his cats before taking a nap and awakens only to find that his 'condition' is getting worse. *~*Slightly Major Spoilers near end*~*

Rise of the Vampires-chap 3 & 4

Karen Cruz

The new chaps are here! I know it's what a few have been waiting for! Enjoy, I'm working on 5 & 6 but it might be a lil while longer since school. >.<

Prince of Wolves: Chpt 1-2

Jennifer A. Menzi

This is my most recent story which is why it still remains on this site (all others were deleted out of personal dislike). I don’t believe in werewolves, but I love bishounen (Japanese for “pretty boy” –don’t ask!) and wolves. I guess my inspiration for this story came out of my desire to combine both into multiple characters… Right here is the rough draft of the first two chapters. When I write, it’s probably because I’m: a.) Really bored b.) Half awake c.) Really inspired …and at the time I wrote this it was a mix of all three. All lot of things are unclear and grammatically incorrect. A big thank you to those who pointed out my errors! I printed out the first two chapters and went on an editing spree. Unfortunately I’ve gone and lost the papers and can’t remember what I wrote on them. So until I find the “revised” edition these two chapters will stay the same. ***Thank you to the moderator who chose this story to be a Mod’s Choice!*** Description of CHAPTERS: CHAPTER ONE: My two main characters, Thomas and Kim are introduced. (Slight Spoilers here, but other than that, I just wanted to develop their personalities) CHAPTER TWO New character, Derous is introduced. MAJOR SPOILERS here, so I won't go into much detail...let's just say that Thomas looses someone important to him. >_< Wahh!

The Quest: Chapter 1-2 Melahona/Eril

Megan Green

Red Rain: Chapters 3 & 4

Jennifer A. Menzi

CHAPTER THREE: Coffin confronts the child she finds and finds out he's running away from a new vampiric enemy that could present a problem to Coffin's city. CHAPTER FOUR: Gregory wakes up to find many unusual drawings. He later gets a call from Coffin and agrees to watch Hibou, since Coffin, being a Vampiri, cannot safetly be out in sunlight. However, when Gregory matches Hibou with the boy in Gregory's drawings he begins to get suspicious.

Star Crossed

Jeremy Allan McCurley

In a world of trivial happenings, where the whimsical natures of the gods are as dangerous as the mortals who follow them and bring their wills to pass. Join in on the tangled early lives of my 3 characters Kitz, Kurzit, and Cheer.