Writer's Night

Désirée Dippenaar

This is just a silly little poem I wrote sometime in 2004 and completely forgot about until I found it today! Well, this is what happens if you stay up all night to write - even your story characters start rebelling :P

Vampire Story: Introduction/Background

Ellen Jurik

This is something that's kindof half been floating around my head for a while. I see it as a strong contrast to the Circle books which I am trying to write concurrently, like from different parts of my brain. Lighter tone, though it may not seem it in the beginning! Oh well. I think I explain most of it in the actual thing. Enjoy!

The Beginnings

Yvonne Bressani

This and the other story that I am uploading are tales of a character that I have created for a storyboard at The SciFiVine that are not part of the storyline.


Allison Starkweather

This was done for a daily exercise at my writing website, and I liked how it turned out :) I can totally see Kayla doing this.

What do you want?

Allison Starkweather

Woohoo! Another post! Betcha all are happy, huh? :) This is another exercise I did with Kayla, like the one before, although this one isn't comic like that one was. The exercise was to ask your character what they wanted more than anything else, and what they'd do to get it. This is what Kayla wanted.

Isine, this is your life!

A. Johnston

A brief history and a revised history of one of my older sister's RP characters that we wrote together.

A Meeting of Minotaur and Dragon - short story.

Anna Smith

A short story I have finally finished, of about 18 pages. Originally a request by Lord Cobalt, a dragon on IRC, to show how he and my character, Kaz, met. Not actually carried out in roleplay, just sort of brainstormed between the two of us. Obligatory disclaimer: I'll say it now. Kaz is my main character used in roleplay, and others might find themselves mentioned or appearing. Yes, her short usename is Kaz. Yes, there is a series of Dragonlance books by Richard Knaak that features a minotaur named Kaz. Yes, I own them all. But! I did not steal the character! *grins* I happen to think highly of the author, and the race and world and culture he created. My Kaz, full name Kazanthi de-Arluun, is named in honor of both writer and his character, Kaziganthi de-Orilg. There's a lot they have in common, but my minotaur is not from Krynn, and her world, clan, past, and history are unique to myself.

Ivy's Song

sammy sims

This is basically a poem describing the creation of my favorite RP character: Ivy-Kira

Jude Ch. 6

Ruth Monster' Browne

...moving on from chapter 5... The story returns to Rek and Milliaria in this chapter. Sorry if it seems a little slow, but I'm developing the characters. Continuous hardcore action would be fun, but shallow. So we have the (relatively) quiet, pastoral scenes in the life of Milliaria and Rek... or not... ;) Here it is, folks! 'Sret' is a swearword, like 'damn', used in place of swearwords I won't and can't use on Elfwood.


Matthew Akers

Another Character sketch. This one is a paladin. This one will also be used in a longer story, in altered form.

Same Old

G. 'Kat' Bird

This isn't finished yet, no. No! How could it be?! So dun even THINK it. -pokes.- It's just chapter one and two, and even those are relatively short, 'cause I worked on them in two separate places, so there. Hrmph!

Winter Sun Chapter 1

Andrew Morris

This is a story of the Wars that proceeded the current story arc. This story will hopefully get the reader a bit more familiar with some of the recent events and landscape surrounding Ravenia. I have edited it particularly for the Wyvern's Library. I sometimes forget that a few of Brialyn's more colorful phrases are not for this forum... ;-) This is a work in progress and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Alarielle's Story Part 3

Jennifer Power

The third part of this story, it might seem a bit rough (probably 'cause I never actually intended to up-load it) But it has been put up 'cause people seem to like it. P.S This may seem to end a bit abruptly but there is a reason, i.e. the last half a page had been written way after I should have been in bed so it needs to be rewritten. It should be in either the next up-date or the next part of the Story (assuming I ever finish it)

The Fallen Moon Part 6

Jake Diebolt

Sorrowdale is in grief yet again, suffering the losses of their sons and daughters in war with G'rell.  Amidst the pain and sorrow, Sylva Grimhand must come to terms with who and what she is - the Daughter of Lesfyth, a Seer - and with the nature of the young Captain, Gregg, a potential ally with reasons to hold her in distrust...Meanwhile, Rost Grimhand continues his harrowing journey across the northern wastes, to his final, terrifying destination: the Fallen Moon.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 2

Hillary Kent

Who knows what's up the The Author's sleeve this time?  A surprising creature, a fantastic wizard, and an unfortunate misstep occur while the Fiery Furnace still looms imminently...

The Eyes of Fate-Nera

Karen Cruz

This is the past history and stuff of my main character, Nera. Sorry it's up past the other ones. I had to cut it up into paragraphs cuz it was kinda confusing. Enjoy!

The Eyes of Fate-Akyea

Karen Cruz

This is the story about another semi-side character, Akyea. She is based off of my sister, who is just as much a pain, but can be helpful when she wants to be. By the way, Akyea is a shape-shifter.

Merinov Saga: I - Dark Day

Andrew Corner

This is the story of the first in the line of the Merinov Family, Andrakos. It was an attempt to bring a background to the character all the events that are described in the story have origins in gameplay. This story also helps introduce the next character, Alzos, after the first one's untimely death. I'd love any and all comments to help improve this, and all my stories.


Yvonne Bressani

This story is a continuation of The Beginnings.

-Call of the Sea-

Emily Kirsch

I re-did this one using some of the suggestions from the comments... thanks, Meg and James! Anouk drew a picture to go with this poem! It's amazing!