The Alchemist and The Dragon 2/2

Joshua Moser

This is the second part of the story. This is the end too, so it's not getting any longer.


Jessica Jordan

Another one of my characters.. I'm so fond of them! A slave girl. Updated for a buncha stuff.

01: Sashen ch 1 - 2

andrew rowling

The begining, of course. Includes the prologue. Gotta start somewhere, hehe

Glade of Unicorns info

Meg Starks

hmmm just a little bit about the story... mainly so you can know what's going on in my crazy mind... more will be added later... and some of it might even change...

Innocent II

Morgan Li

Part two... (need I say more? lol)

Interpreter of Immortal Messages - Character Intro

Lauren McKinley

This introduces main characters as well and the important setting elements.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 2

Hillary Kent

Who knows what's up the The Author's sleeve this time?  A surprising creature, a fantastic wizard, and an unfortunate misstep occur while the Fiery Furnace still looms imminently...

Behind the Scenes 2

Désirée Dippenaar

'Death of a Characteriser.' In which Anaia finally dies - almost. And a lot of other chaotic and crazy and silly things occur.

Cast of Characters

Chris Brant

Well, this is just to make things easier on some of you; plus, it helps me remember things. If you see discreptancies of some kind (besides my spelling of the word discreptancy) let me know. I like to be accurate. Updated Feb 2004.

The Alchemist and The Dragon 1/2

Joshua Moser

The Golem is an animated clay figure of a human, who is a figure of the mythlogy of Prague. This is my first short story I've written, and also the first thing I've published, so be forgiving if it's cheezy. Emphasis on dynamic characters. I've divided this into two parts, since it was fairly long.

Chapter 5

Robyn of Chaos) Reich

Haha! It's done! The ending (of this chapter) was kind of hard to work out, but I finally got it. Of course, I then had to convert it all to HTML which was pure hell because there is so much diologue in this one. I've started writing chaper six, but I'm still not quite sure how I want that to end, so it could be a long while before that get's uploaded. Have fun with this one!


Hali Pinson

just some bios i thought up, many of these are in different stories but sometimes i over-lap them so this is how they were originally

Light, Darkness and Balance ~ Prologue

Frances Gibbs

Three people are thrown abruptly into a world tangled in a web of a war (inter-planar?) between Darkness and Light. A revelation comes to the most unlikely of prophets as the balance that should have been upheld for countless billions of millennia is being upset most dangerously and severely. We follow the characters through one plane into another, then into another and back again, leaping back and forth through the very walls of the insubstantial existance we call reality.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 4

Hillary Kent

Behold!  The fourth and final chapter regarding the uninteresting Damien, Sammy the Talking Squirrel, The Wizard, and a Deadly Dragon (otherwise known as D.D.).  To find out which of the deranged characters finally gets tossed into the Fiery Furnace, just read on. 

Alternate Story

Joy 'Kyrela' Kirkwood

This is an odd little 'What-If?' story. I don't remember why I started writing it. Point is, I wrote it. Right? Anyways, the premise is six teenagers who 'crossover' to another world. Surprise! It's my Grand Fantasy World and they become my Grand Fantasy Characters. Give me a break, alright? I didn't want to come up with a whole other world! Sorry the ending is so ... depressingly sad. Or maybe it's depressingly bad. Hmm.

A starting to a story

Doug Clitheroe

This is the beginning interaction of two characters on a journey.

Literary Limbo Lounge

ME Burnham

Have you ever wondered where characters go when their stories are over? When the adventure ends and when no one is reading their work? Who would run such an establishment? Have you ever wondered what the muses are truly like and what they do in their “off-time?” Welcome to the Literary Limbo Lounge. The first of a (as of yet) uncompleted three-parter. Edit 12-23-05: Oh my goodness! 8D Mod's Choise?! Oh, thank you, thank you Moderators!

Back To The Start

Rachael Kenny

This is the beginning of the story of my characters Josh and Kate. Josh is a modern vampire, but his girlfriend Kate has no idea about that yet... However, she doesn't find out until the later. I have some pictures of them in my SF&F Art gallery, feel free to check it out. This story also explains what happens to Josh on the day he becomes a vampire. 'Back To The Start' is the parallel plot of the main story I'm currently working on, called 'Falling Up'. I know this text may need some editing since I only had time to read it twice before submitting. But, besides that, hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think!

Behind the Scenes

Désirée Dippenaar

Welcome to the madhouse: a frustrated writer, crazy unco-operative characters, lost lines, disagreements, weird packed lunches, a suicidal elf queen, and other horrors. This is something like a parody of my own stuck stories. Usually I prefer writing serious and meaningful things, but this just spilled. Blame my characters ^_^

Are You Listening?

Garon Whited

How many characters are aware that they're characters? The vast majority just live their lives, unaware that they're constructs of someone's imagination. What about one that catches on? One that realizes that he's a puppet, and dimly glimpses the puppeteer? Think back on the stories you've read, the stories you've written. Would your characters thank you for writing the stories? Would they be glad you made the stories exciting? Would they be pleased with their lives? I wonder...