The Castle

Charles Davis

spooky story, much in the same vain as the trail of kings


Charles Davis

Ok here's another poem. I think it's kinda cute. It was supposed to have been uploaded during my last update, but I had the HTML wrong so it wasn't. But here it is now!


Eric Hopkins

A young man wonders why his lonely farmstead is being attacked by dragons.

Steel Dreams Chapter 14-15

Charles Davis

OK more chapters. I like these next ones. Chapter 15 pretty long

(CotAoE) Prelude to History (Part 1)

Richard Blackburn

The story of Elfongor's father and his attempts to see to the fulfilment of prophesy.

Steel Dreams Chapters 12-13

Charles Davis

I don't really like chapter 12 to much. Tell me what you think

Steel Dreams Chapters 10-11

Charles Davis

And here's some more. I like these chapters.

Steel Dreams Chapters 18-19

Charles Davis

Ok, here's some more of the story. It just keeps getting more and more complicated

France, 1789

Kaitlynn Klug

I do believe I was part of the French Revolution.

Absolutely Absurd

John Pettit

When former farmer turned sea captain, Jester, and his first mate Gilbert return to Queen Isabella of Spain with the famed Sacred Walrus to fulfil their hired assignment, their adventure only begins. These two characters find that their job is truly absolutely absurd.


Janice Gibson

Nation Novel Writers Month 07: “But, Chief… This sport, these beasts it doesn’t involve luck, chance, or a God itself. Mater of fact the Devil himself has claimed them as pawns savage, carnivorous, and blood thirsty.” Quote From Chapter 1