Oriental Dragon

Nicole Abrahamson a.K.a tHe PsYcho PiRAte

a chinese dragon


Rasheed Gillespie

Overpopulation has caused China to go on an expansion offensive, sparking World War 3... with MeTIS (Mechanized Tactical Infantry Suits)!!!

Moon on the Water


A princess has her view of the world rudely challenged when a mysterious hermit disrupts the preparations for her wedding. Revised and re-uploaded. (Now with speech marks.)

Mung De Shi Jie

Massiel Gutierrez

New story! Chinese people! Wai! Currently, this is the first chapter and no sorcery is in it...yet.

'Stepsister' Part 1: Adria

Rose Po Campbell

Chapters 1 through 5. An introduction is made to our heroine.


Lianne Ratzersdorfer

This poem was inspired by a... well, I won't say what it is, read the poem and figure it out for yourself. :)

Chain of Immortality - Chapter I

Felix Arya

The introduction of the main character. A reclusive young girl. And the whereabouts of the first Element Stone.

China Fairytale

Kiran Spees

When I was a sophomore in high school and in world history, we had an assignment to write a fairytale about China. Reflecting back upon this I realized both that this was quite an add assignment, and that the only place that I really put anything we learned in class was the first paragraph. None the less, I still think it's an amusing story, a fairly good fairytale at any rate.

Beijing Night

Brad Fountain

This is a story with my main man vampire, the inestimable Orthanc Tremayne, and my girlfriend's brainchild, the Painter, in their first adventure together.

StillBorn Dragon

R.E. Canepa

I was bored on night, and this was my entertainment. Duno where i go tthe idea, but i came up with the title and things went from there i guess. the end is kinda lame IMO. e.e anywho, comment will ya?

Red Lightning Chapter 1

Stanton Fink

Rudy Kaplan went to China with his girlfriend Lonnie, and his best friend, Gill. Let's just say that he's brought back a big problem, in that, he's now a weretiger. Pictures by A. Lew Lashmit and Paul C. Diggs.

A Fish Tale

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

My attempt at two things: writing a children's story, and writing about a culture that is both ancient and foreign. It's nice, in my opinion. Not for the person looking for a thought provoker like Gears and Wires. This one, however, uses a lot of ancient Chinese mythology. (The tortoise is a symbol for winter, the dragon one for spring. Plenty of other things like that). As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments you may have.