A Man of Honour

Deborah Cullins Smith

Herscher Project # 8 was an alternative history. I chose to write about Benedict Arnold, whose name has become synonymous with traitor. During the American Revolutionary War, Benedict Arnold was one of our greatest heroes. But one decision changed his life, his reputation, and the course of history. I've written a tale about what might have happened if he had taken a different path.

Decision: Poem

Jenny Watson

Created on a spur of the moment for a dear friend of mine while viewing her artwork.

What Cost Everything?

Keli-Rene Sparks

A 600 word story about the cost of making a choice.

4 Choices

Kiri Simmons

This is 4th story of Larien

Shadow Dancer - Prologue

Lindsay Lockhart

a recent novel i've started working on. shadow dancer is a working title.

In the Candle's Spark

J. Schroeder

A poem comprised of two voices, each of which belongs to one half of a villainous couple.  The left-aligned sections belong to Cai, a magical being who gains power by taking the lives of others.  The indented sections belong to the sorceress Firaga (fans of the Final Fantasy series will notice the tribute and guess what her element of choice is ^_~), who has partnered with Cai in many evil deeds.  Note that they aren't actually meant to be speaking to one another--this is more what they are feeling as they are together in this moment.  Hopefully this works.  They are one of my favorite evil couples in my lore, and it was interesting putting part of their story down in this form.All comments and critiques are welcome, especially if you notice any slips in the meter.  Both my brain and my fingertips are numb from counting out the beats during revisions, and new eyes are always appreciated :)Note to Moderators: I reworked the piece a bit to show the magical nature of the two more within the body of the poem.  It's difficult as the piece is a dialogue of sorts, of course, but I think I've managed to give enough clues in this version.

Tiger's Tale - Chapter 2

Leah Kresl


Your Choice

Tracey Hoard

another little poem... written when i was pretty angry at a friend of mine....but then it took on a life of its own... yeah or sumthin


Tasha Bridge

I'm at a low point in my life right now and decided to go through my old poetry and found this oldy.It sums up what i felt then and now.Its original and totally mine.

The races of Terrarum

Emily MacKenzie

This is something I started writing - it is a beginning and currently has no end, but please tell me what you think so that I can decide whether this can go anywhere or not!

Chapter 4: Lessons

S. Rogers

This is not one of the more exciting chapters. Rather it sets up some of the problems and politics of Lynar. I will try to get Chapter 5 out quickly to make up for this chapter!

Black Prophices

Stephanie Less

Just the prophice for the story Black. It is also a song sung by bards in Elven.

The Two Roads

Anna Pedersen

There might come a chapter 2 some day...

Near to Dreams - Part III

Lindsay Verde

Chapter 03/04 - Rayne now has a choice to make. Does she go with the Captain and his men to find her biological parents, even if they aren't who the Captain thinks they are, or does she stay with the Father who knows and loves her? May 20072012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.

Return to Innocence

Michelle Morone

This piece is old, now, but it was from a time when I was fascinated with elves and anything elf-like. While I hesitate to call the main character 'an elf', she certainly was meant to embody a number of the qualities that readers would associate with elves - longevity, knowledge, grace, etc. This story is less a 'traditional' story and more like a parable or fable, but it gets its point across nicely.

The races of Terrarum, chapter 2

Emily MacKenzie

A second installment of my story which I feel could be one of those that goes on for a long time. Please let me know what you think, so I can decide whether or not this can go anywhere!

Happy Birthday

Jeremy Williams

Another flash done for the monthly challenge at Scribe's Board. Personally, I like this one better than the resolution story.

A Border

Daniel Kinicki

This was my first Kenjo story

Divided in Heart

Monique Morgan

A little ditty I wrote out one night when I should have been sleeping. Stupid insomnia. Anyway... this turned out to be more prophetic than I thought it could be. It's kind of a predecessor to a series I'm thinking of doing. Whee. It's not specifically anything, but it DOES involve alternate dimensions.



 A place where somebody can choose their destiny, and live with their decisions.