Yes of Course

Chris Poole

Two bookkeepers find themselves on an adventure that takes them closer than they expected.

The Unicorn's Egg

Annie Harrington

I don't exactly know where this one spawned from, except that I first thought of this (very randomly) while some of my friends were talking about a certain Australian crocodile hunter who seems to love wrestling and poking potentially dangerous and sometimes venemous reptiles (though that has nothing to do with this particular story). Enjoy!

Advanced Directive - BOOM

Anna Rammon

Just as the title says, everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Ian's evil

Everyday Is A Lie

Emma Ådahl

Simply about two boys, Chris and John, who enter a world not yet fully known by the whole world... A world of fantasy of course! Which only so many of ever found...

Chapter 3: The Discovery of Dragons

Justin Long

Chris discovers declines knighthood and discovers dragons.

Epic - Vertigo Beach

Chris Poole

Read my friends.

Foreign Mage

Chris Poole

A fun poem

Brother's Quest Part 2 (Macidermdale)Chapter 1

Chris Poole

Here's More To The First. It won't make sense unless youve read the Part One.

Moving Slowly

Chris Poole

Moving slowly not to be confused with laziness. Not really fantasy just wisdom.

Good VS Evil

Chris Poole

My version of the tale. I think I could reword it better


Gioanna Rheumer

I'm not exactly sure where this one came from...I don't remember writing it at all.

Every Day Is A Lie 2

Emma Ådahl

John and Chris have now entered this 'new' world. What are they gonna find?

Chapter 4: The Cave of Drache

Justin Long

Chris starts the search for Drache's eggs.

The Vicious Boy

Chris Poole

A poem

The Troubles of a Scribe

Chris Poole

I guess these are just poems I wrote yesterday when I had writers block.

Brothers Quest 1(Macidermdale) Chapter 1

Chris Poole

Two brothers find themsleves on a quest to save the dying society of Macidermdale.

The Thieves of West Haven

Chris Poole

Chapter one. A story about, well, you read it.


Chris Poole

A dark poem

Macidermdale Chapter 4

Chris Poole

Chapter 4 to Macidermdale. The end of part one.

Macidermdale Chapter 3

Chris Poole

Chapter three to the big one. :)