Christmas Poem (poetry)

Crissy Moss

An angel visits a man on christmas morning. This, along with over 30 other poems, is avalible in my new e-book. Check out my website for details.

OT_00_Dante's Inferno

Greg Nelson

Note: This is not a version of the classic poem Dante's Inferno, this is just me swiping the name to name this prologue involving a man named Dante' and lots of fire! This is my new project, called The Order of the Trinity. I have been fooling around with it in my mind for a while now and wrote the first draft of the prologue about a year ago. Since then I've revised it and put it through many of my fellow writers to critque and pull it apart! The Order is a group who believe in God and use His power to battle demons, vampires, and various corrupt things. For a while now I've been wanting to write some 'hard' Christian fiction. This isn't the type that always has a happy ending or something like 'I found Jesus, now everything will be okay from now on!' I plan to touch some pretty dark subjects later on... Anyway! The prologue introduces one of the main Characters, Dante,' as he passes a test to recieve a higher rank in the Order of the Trinity, as one of the Trinity Knights.

The Blog: May - June 04

Harald Thingelstad

Our space traveller socializes, complains, celebrates a birthday, and even gets into a discussion.


Wm. Bond

Very begining of a sc-fi version of Revelation.

Just Right

Katherine Burt

Based on a friend and a saint (not the same person). A mod's choice before the crash, so I thought it was worth reloading. If you didn't read it before, then the game is to figure out all the saint references in the piece. The commenters before did a pretty good job. Rewrite 6/27/05.

Truestar's Fire - Shadow of Death : Chapter 1 - The Feast

Ryan Stringer

'The room’s design was a work of dark genius, put together by a man who had spent many long years studying the subtle arts of persuasion, manipulation and coercion. The great hall had been the culmination of all Vasper’s art and skill and served its intended purpose ruthlessly and efficiently.'

Truestar's Fire - Shadow of Death : Chapter 2 - Long Live the Thane!

Ryan Stringer

' “What was it you said before? That I should bow to my master? It is long since time that you were educated about the true gravity of the position you now find yourself in.” Vasper said, half whispering and half hissing in Bey’s ear. “I will show you who the real master is.” '

Thirteen: Part One

Athene Grele

This was my first-ever big-scale fantasy story project. It started when my cousin and I both got diaries for Christmass. Not being the sort of girls who write in diaries, Zoe and I decided to write stories in them instead. We planned on having a thirteen-book series- She'd write six books, I'd write six books, and we'd write the last one together. They were going to chronicle the adventures of four main characters, each with a different kind of magic, each from a different universe. One of them discovers she has a talent for opening portals into other universes, and thus begins an epic journey through four universes and eight books, as she gathers the other characters around her and they battle the forces of evil. In the last book, they all come together in one of my character's universes and bring down a tyrant who has outlawed magic. This story you're about to read is part one of either the fourth book or the third book (yes, they're being written out of order).

The Door That Leads To Heaven

Hali Pinson

this is my very first poem i've ever's very religious...

Fantastical Forest (Part 4)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry

Christian's Kiss

Bridgette Chaffey

Here it is. My first ever proper short story! Weeeee! *Ahem* Let me explain the title, Christian the Vampire meets Vera the peasant. Note: This is not a soppy romance story/chickflick.

Red and Black prologue

Tabitha Ruf

People, and others, can do some stupid things on their quest for power. A mysterious jar is said to be the bane of all mortal kind. When a hellish beatle barters with a demonic cyborg, lives are already at steak.


Emilie Finn

A parable. Credit to my sister for the idea. Also stands alone.

The Blog: July - August 04

Harald Thingelstad

Life goes on? Things are beginning to make sense? Naah. Not really.


Jennnifer Burlingame

This narrative takes place about 90 years in the future. It takes place in America after a takeover by people who were genetically altered to be smarter, stronger, and physically attractive. An implant that changes the way people look, think, and perceive life was made available to the general public. All who did not accept the implant now live as fugitives. No money. No homes. This is the story of a father and a daughter who live within this terrifying 7world. The father, James Kevin Jefferson, and daughter, Ailsa Mary Jefferson, both tell the story from their own viewpoints.

Other Tales of the Doomsayer

Shea Reinke

The intro to what is intended to be much longer.

The Regent of Souls p6

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 9: Court Murder need I say more?

Rebirth Chapter Two - Judgement

Nicholas Ramsden

Edward and Kate face judgement in front of the Pearly Gates. How will an athiest cope with the Christian afterlife?

Truestar's Fire - Shadow of Death : Chapter 3 - Fertile Soil

Ryan Stringer

' “Someday,” spoke the master, all aglow with the dark and mysterious energy, “when your power has come into its ultimate completion, you shall become the mighty star around whom the fates of all the great and small in Serapis, Unver and Giliathor beyond, shall orbit. When that day comes you will have only to reach out your hand to the dalgo board and move the pieces where you will. In that moment, you could challenge the gods themselves.' '

Truestar's Fire : Shadow of Death : Chapter 6 - Blood Relations

Ryan Stringer

The crowd collectively shuddered at the implications of Vizina’s questions. Had she, in fact, deserved what Vasper had done to her? “No,” Bey answered, “not when she was under the orders of the King!”