A Christmas Present

Sarah Carpenter

Inspired by a dream...

Amaranth - Part 1

Elie Pearson

One day on their way home from work Gaddiel and Abraham, the brothers Brown, find a creature that will change their lives forever.  While Gaddiel is increasingly wary of this new find Abraham is increasingly drawn to it.

Amaranth - Part 3

Elie Pearson

Whilst Gaddiel's panic grows, Abraham begins to fall deeper into Amaranth's spell.

Amaranth - Part 4

Elie Pearson

Sarah comes to a sudden realisation and things rapidly begin to go wrong.

Amaranth - Part 5

Elie Pearson

Abraham has never been more at peace, but peace was never meant to last...

The Sixth Day

sarah tasker

Okay, this is my interpretation of the first chapter of the biblical book of Genesis, only instead of Eve being the first woman, i chose to have Lilith (Adam's supposed first wife) be there at the creation. It is only the first six days of the universe, and is fairly short (2 pages on microsoft word). It is the prologue of what i hope will evolve into a longer story centering around Lilith and her life in the Garden and outside of it. i am and athiest, and this is strictly an exploration of the Garden of Eden story. the first bible story had always interested me, though i do not personally think that it had happened--it's possible, but not very probablye in my case. i don't mean to step on the toes of anyone who is profoundly religious.  this is not meant to be offensive in any way to any person. if you don't like things of this nature, or are uncomfortable with them, feel free to never ever have to read it. i will not be offended. thank you for your consideration. :)oh, and yes, i wrote "the sixth dat" somewhere by accident, but as i am unsure where exactly i wrote it wrong, i cannot properly fix it. be assured, it is supposed to say "the sixth day".

Meandering Thoughts of a Dragon

Michael Bell

A short story of a dragon of an abandoned castle ponders the ideas behind humanity and their desire to dominate life.

Pax Romana

Charles Lazaroo

This was the first story I posted on Elfwood, and it's now defunct. I intended it to be a story where the Roman empire never fell, but now, its basically without a plot. So here it is. However, if you have aplot that can improve on this story, e-mail me ! I'll be gald to here it, and I'll see what I can do.

The hour of our death

E. Jaeschke

poetry. I want people to have a different out look on all that seems good and fair.

Knight Versus Dragon -- The Real Story

Dan Peterson

A poem based on the classic confrontation between a Knight and Dragon, but with some interesting twists, and not the usual outcome.

Amaranth - Part 2

Elie Pearson

Things begin to get complicated when the wounded creature is discovered by another.

Forbbiden Fruit

Camille Sabino

This i was inspired by the legends of the Angels that fell from heaven and chose to mate with the women of the earth. When i wrote this i only had one angel in mind.........Sammael aka Lucifer or Satan. He can be such a temptation......right?

The Warrior's Struggle

C. Thompson

Heavily religious work written in about a half hour. I do not take credit for this work. I do envision it in an actual universe where the warrior has been physically consumed by the beast and the story taking place within the beast. That was the impression I had when I was told to write it.

Mudpie in the Sky

Kelsie Elizabeth

Yes, yes, shamelessly blatant allegory. But I was very tired when I wrote this. The ending is too abrupt, and I'm not sure that I'm entirely happy with this story, but I don't really know how to fix it. Hm. My favorite part is the introduction, anyway. February 2004 3 pgs

The Defector #1

Randell Embs

This series of stories comes from the idea of one of the world's evilest men, a Satanist, trained to kill, responsible the human sacrifice, receiving Jesus Christ and thus defecting. Now he uses his knowledge of Satanism to fight those responsible for human sacrifice. I can't put all the stories based on this character on Wyvern because they are somewhat graphic. After all, it is hard to write about devil-worship and ritual abuse without being somewhat morbid, but hopefully these stories aren't so bad. As for a reference in the story that some have accused of being too graphic, namely the man's recollection of what the cult did to infants, I am just trying to keep accurate to stories of ritualistic abuse which I have heard. I hope that I am not being too descriptive. If I tried to be more accurate to the ungodly deeds of devil-worshippers it would make this look rather innocent.

The Frown of Night Ch 3

B. Landon Hurley

The third part of my story about a man's adventures in the afterlife.


Lynnessa Dick

Playing with allegory, this is heavily influenced by all the C.S Lewis I've read over my lifetime.

Song of the Fallen Ones

Camille Sabino

A small descriptive piece to a story I am writing. This poem gives a small glance into what my story is about.

Another Day in Hell: Chapter 3

Kathryn Castle

And here we have Demonika, a slight antagonist. This is also where it gets just a liiiiitle controversial. Don't hate me, I'm exploring different viewpoints :D I don't hold the same beliefs as Beu...


Carrie no.

this is just a little story i wrote for some writing sample test and i rather like it. and... its a true story (well, mostly) of course i had to add things for flavor hehe enjoy:)