Christmas Poem (poetry)

Crissy Moss

An angel visits a man on christmas morning. This, along with over 30 other poems, is avalible in my new e-book. Check out my website for details.

Food trouble

S. Aitakangas

Weird as hell, this little gem was sparked into life by one of the crazy conversations I engage in on IRC. Whoever catches the tribute I implanted in the story gets a brownie.

A Christmas Present

Sarah Carpenter

Inspired by a dream...

A Christmas Tale

Jeff Burke

Yeah. That's right. A poem. You heard me. What now, punk?

The other side of the story - Intro

Meghan Nowosad

Well, I was really bored and decided to write a story from the other side (more or less) of one of my favourites. A new venture for me outside of poetry. I'll give a cookie to whoever can figure out what the original story was, but guess in the last section. When we hear about the Victorian Christmas it’s all lovely and romantic. Rarely do we see the hunger, cold or death cause by the bitter winters and harsh times...

III: Red Velvet Memories

S.L. Minton

Fledgling Chronicles III

Great Uncle Nick

Paula Lenon

 Honestly, I didn't know what this poem was about 'til I read it to my dad. He explained it to me. Thanks, dad. :DApparently, the speaker of this poem is a girl who enjoyed the magic of Christmas. But something happened when she turned nine. The magic seemed to die. Maybe someone told her Santa wasn't real, I don't know. But Christmas wasn't the same. Until she had her own family, and with her young children the magic was reborn. 

Love at Christmas Eve

Gerardo Pizarro Fuentes

Waking up to a chorus of singing people isn't always fun. But once Kyle is awake he realizes who is important on this early Christmas Eve, his true love.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Krista Williams

Yet again, more randomness is poured upon my page. This was a result of having a lovely rendition of a song that this infamous poem is set to stuck in my head. Suddenly, I pictured Swell Well (from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes walking around at Christmastime with a big, red bow around his neck, and possibly some mistletoe handy. The characters are from the story, and I have her permission to post this. Madison 'Callisto' VanDenBerghe gave some editing suggestions, which were excellent. The original poem was written by Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863). Enjoy! Spoiler WARNING: If you've not yet read TCLN for yourself, this contains spoilers. Don't do it!!! Go and read the story first!!! )

Daddy's Christmas Angel

Kimberly Steele

It's in poem form but I think it might be better in normal story form but I don't know. You guys tell me...Anyways this is something I wrote during the christmas season of 2006. Its in memory of my Grandfather who died during that cold season exactly 15 years ago. Yes its true I wasn't even old enough to have a true memory of him though I'm told he would have called me Paige (thats my middle name, evidently he didn't like Kim...). My sister also tells me that he was the most playfull man she had ever met.. *R.I.P Virgil Carpenter (I hope you're happy and proud of your grandkids :D )

A Seasonal Tale

Mia McCauley

A lonely hermit helps his community in the worst winter storm seen in the realm of Syndar. A little late for this winter, but better late then never. All Gods day replaces our Christmas. Rather then celebrating one god's birth, it celebrates the genesis of all


Molica Peoples

This story tells the tale of four people and the strange occurances of one Christmas...

Miserys Company 01

Keya Paul

Next chapter in Misery's Company. I haven't read over it in a year, so sry if it's weird. Please point out anything that might need working on and be as brash as you want as long as you're helpful.

Berries in the Snow

Another late Christmas gift for a friend, this is a rather pleasant change of pace for me. The four characters are the alter egoes, as it were, of me and 3 friends (including the one it's a gift for). Since the other 2 friends helped me brainstorm and just generally conspired with me, I have their permissions to use their characters, and after the receiving friend read her gift, she was sufficiently happy to 'grant' me permission in retrospect. So much for using other people's characters. As for the fourth fellow, well, Dameon Starwind personally requested to be in the story, so who am I to deny the rogue? He always enjoys making people happy. +)To prove these people/characters are real (& I have their permissions), I'll even link to their websites: Ceril the Wanderer, Emerin Windrider, and the Lone Knight. There.'Tis a lighthearted little jaunt through a Christmas forest, fully fitting of a title like 'cute' or 'sweet' or some other such sap (hehe, get it? Sorry.). I thought perhaps some of you might enjoy it yourselves. *shrug*

Santa Claus comes to Night City

Rúnar Magnússon

A short cyberpunk-genre christmas parody. It would have been uploaded over the holidays, if not for a conspiracy of problems and an editing snafu.

Of Weeping and the Gnashing of Teeth (Christmas Story)

Ryan Stringer

This is a story I wrote along the theme of 'The Birth of Jesus'. I decided to write it from a, shall we say, unorthodox perspective.

The Anti-Santa

James Wyatt

A darker tale of Christmas Cheer

Winter Memories

Shalane Jarnagin

Winter always brings back stories of the family ghost...

The Christmas Angel

Rebecca Whipple

Well I wrote this one night while sitting on my porch staring at the Christmas lights. My best inspiration always comes from being outside. My mom thinks it's awesome, but she loves everything I do so you decide.

'Happy' Holidays

Jenny Olivera

The challenge was to write something about the holiday season. I went left, again. The idea is something I've been playing with for a long time now.