The Mark of The Dragon Chronicles: Chapter One

Maggie Flametail' Marsh

This is part of the first chapter of the book I have in the works...will finish it as soon as possible!

The Troubled Dream Chronicles - Book 1

Amber-R Carter

This is the beginning of the whole thing. It is part of the first book. All of the books as of yet have no titles until I've finished them, but, knowing me, that'll me a VERY long way away. Anyway, enough of my banter. UPDATE: I've revised it, adding a little description here and there.

The Chronicles of Ultima: The End

Kaitlin Hatman

This is based on a dream I had awhile ago. In a series of Chronicles it would actually be the last book, but I liked how the prologue turned out so I thought I'd put it up here. Critique is always welcome! C:

The Tiamatian Chronicles

Jeff Jones

Originally based around Monster Rancher, I have since reformed this story to be free-standing. I wrote this on-the-spot, and I think the results are quite impressive.

Chronicles I: The Telegar Wind Story

Kyle Wilkins

Part one of the story of the beginnings of a city called Saria, and how a simple guard becomes it's greatest hero.

Chronicles of the Moon

M. (Mharaaki)

Um. I started this one a loooong time ago. I've been slacking off lately, is why more of it's not done yet, but I'm gonna get it published some day. Uhhh... Characters (c) me, yadda yadda... Dunno what to say bout this one.

Usher II

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

I wrote this as a class assignment. We'd just read Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, and were supposed to rewrite one of the stories from our own viewpoint, as if we ourselves were in the story. I chose 'Usher II,' a story about a man who resents that society is trying to make fantasy go away, and wants to make a point by recreating some of the old stories in a new and much more solid way. It supposedly takes place on a Mars where it is easy to breathe. Bradbury might have written the story for a similar assignment after reading works by Poe.

Flashes: Episode Five: Betrayal

Emma Kathryn

Our Vampiress is getting even darker. Paris, this time, which I thought was a nice setting for it. Also, beginning to unravel some of her past in this one too, see if you can spot it. Isn't Liliah fabulous!!! Wish I could've done more with her.

TWINWORLDS: Of Amber and Gold ch2

Brian Pennington

This part of the story takes place in Valdalon, one of two twin planets that form a symbiont bond. Valdalon seems to be magic, and Tekke utilizes superscience.

Rian: Part X

HM Hanif

The tenth part of the Maritulu Chronicles

Rian: Part IX

HM Hanif

The ninth part of the Maritulu Chronicles

Rian: Part VI

HM Hanif

The sixth part of the Chronicles

Academy Chronicles Ch.1

H. Coyne

I begun this story about 6 years ago and have toyed with it from time to time. I had about 13 chapters written but then stopped working on it for a while. It's a fun fare though and I'm always brought back to it. I hope you enjoy the beginning of my revamp of it. It follows four students on adventures that can range from dangerous to downright amusing.

Shatterglass Part II

Lindsay Verde

Posted June 26, 2009 (first draft)Ah, so I ended up going back and adding more to the ending of this part as I was getting frustrated writing part three and couldn't wait to have it up.2012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.

Shatterglass Part I

Lindsay Verde

Posted June 22/09 (First draft). Another older piece on my shelf that I will eventually come back to finish when I've completed other projects up here. A big thanks to Barbara Wickham first, for the artwork that inspired this story (you must go and take a look at 'Broken Reflection' now) and second, for being an amazing friend and helping me put this together. Barbara, this piece is dedicated to you.Now, to the story ...Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered if what you were seeing was more than just a reflection? Welcome to Elsewhere, where what is seen in mirrors isn't just a reflection. Shatterglass lives in the Chronicles as a Watcher, whose job it is to monitor the mirrors and report any suspicious activity. Who knows, something might be trying to escape into a mirror or even worse, come out.To help clear up some confusion I know will happen otherwise - the beginning is in italics because this is a thought-dream. The people of Elsewhere possess telepathy skills and this includes their dreams.2012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.

Dreaming Lands (CotAoE)

Richard Blackburn

This is my first Chronicles of the Age of Elfongor short story. I got the idea when reading an article on how to do the setting, and suddenly thought, 'what if I had the characters tell us the setting?' It almost has the feel of using the internet.

Flashes: Episode One: Waiting

Emma Kathryn

This is the first episode of my Vampire Chronicles. Waiting was supposed to be a totally individual short story that just came to me one night but I really loved the character and I've done some more with her. She's kind of a reluctant villain and definatly one of my personl favourites. Hope you enjoy, feel free to comment. Watch this space for more of her. Recommended Listening: Slaying the Dreamer by Nightwish - oh yes, I've discovered Nightwish >:-D

Flashes: Episode Two: The First

Emma Kathryn

Mwa ha! Our vampiress returns! Okay, I know that this one is REALLY short but when I wrote this one I was testing myself - you know, trying to control my writing. Anyway, it's a quick easy read and gives you a little more background into our heroine (or should I say villain :-S even I don't know anymore!) I like her sire - he's so badass!

Flashes Before her Eyes: Prologue

Emma Kathryn

Something wicked this way comes...

Rian: Part VII

HM Hanif

The seventh part of the Chronicles.