Children of the Great Eclipse

Yves Jacques

All I'll say is that I'd been reading an awful lot of Tanith Lee, and that the main character does not represent me. :)

The Second Slipper

Sara Bean

The plotting and intrigue continue! Este and Arimela still try to win both the heart of a Prince and a future...

Your Choice

Tracey Hoard

another little poem... written when i was pretty angry at a friend of mine....but then it took on a life of its own... yeah or sumthin

The Second Slipper

Sara Bean

Cinderella in stereo: two sisters, two slippers, two balls...but only one Prince. Let the melodrama begin...!

I am Gone

Sara Bean

She goes, hidden, into the social affairs of the Royals. What is hidden must be uncovered eventually, lest it disappear entirely. Cinderella-esque, at times.

Happily Ever After

Katherine Burt

I wrote this for the Elfwood magazine about a year ago, and I decided to go ahead and put it up here since said magazine is no longer about. A new vision on the fairy tale 'Cinderella.'

Cinderella Revamped: Chapter One

Jolanta Komornicka

This is basically a twist off the classic story of Cinderella. It was written with the assumption that the reader would have a working knowledge of the classic tale, but there is the vain hope that it can stand on its own. Note: This story is still a work in progress. Chapters (('chapters')) will be put up as I get around to it.

Everything a Heroine Should Know (Ch 1)

Roriel Lim

Prince Tristan has to find a suitor immediately, according to Queen Belladonna, that is. Unfortunately, he desperately wants to stay single, which leads to desperate measures. A Grand Ball, several nice young ladies and one fine fortune. What could go wrong?

Poker Nights

Tayla Waterworth

This was originally a school essay. The topic was 'My First Date' and it started me wondering what fairytale princesses would discuss during their girls' nights. This was the result. Enjoy! :) (Portia and Titania are both from Shakespeare plays, Christine is from the Phantom of the Opera, Belle and Cinderella are fairytale heroines :) )

A Grimmer Little Tale

Zania Marais

*wince* Please no-one flame me about my unoriginal sequel naming. I know it’s horrible.Also I know this probably isn’t quite as good as the first, but then sequels hardly ever are. Either way I enjoyed writing it, which is probably what matters.Please feel free to point out any spelling or grammar mistakes you notice (no doubt there’ll be a few of the latter) If they’re not corrected, I haven’t noticed them which means unless someone waves a burning neon flag in my face and puts big red arrows around said mistakes or alternatively commenting on them, they never will be.*looks at the above sentence* Grammar mistakes in the caption does not count.Hope you enjoy! I would really advise reading ‘A Grimm Little Tale’ first before trying to understand this one… on the other hand, even after that it will probably still not make sense.

Cinder and Ash (A Work in Progress)

Alisha Farnsworth

Taking a break from Shadows of Mystia and my strict fantasy writing, I'm attempting something new. First it's a short story (so it better stay in the realm of short!) and its science fiction, not a genre I usually do. Actually I have never written in it. But it's always good to experiment and try new things. Anyway the idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while, (Inspiration hit me in the shower actually) and I've been putting off writing it becuase I was busy finishing book one of Shadows of Mystia. Anyways it's a retelling of a fairy tale with a sci-fi spin. It's written in journal format, so here's a sneak preview. (Keep in mind I just barely wrote it, so its pretty rough and probably has some spelling/grammer errors somewhere)

A night to forget - Marissa's story

Andrew Jackson

'Ever had a dream that would be shattered by a kiss? A lifetime plan broken by a moment of unfaithfulness?' This one took me about four or five hours from woe to go, and any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. :)

A Prince's View

Chrissy Myers

Ever Wonder How Cinderella Would Have Been Told If The Prince Were Telling The Tale? Here's An Idea.

A Cinderella Story

Esther Yu

This is the first chapter of a Cinderella adaptation that I thought was pretty ok. Over the summer I worked on quite a few fairy-tale adaptations. Please comment!

. . . And All The While, The Story Just Goes On - poem

Navah Rosensweig

More reflections on fairy tales. This one was partially inspired by a quote from Charles de Lint's story 'Ghosts of Wind and Shadow', from his collection 'Dreams Underfoot'. The second in a series.

Cinderella Syndrome

Lindsay Lockhart

A 'Human Tale' of a modern adaptation of Cinderella dealing with it as the syndrome.

A Grimm Little Tale

Zania Marais

Ahh well what can I say...I started to write a twisted version of some fairy tale (Rapunzel I think) and then more fairy tales insisted to be included and then... well -this- was the result either way. I'm pretty darn proud of myself... it's short. Doesn't happen often. Actually doesn't happen -ever-, except for this time that is. *pokes little feather*! Well that was unexpected. Thank you! *does a ecstatic little dance around the room*

Happily Ever After?

Allison Westfall

And they all lived happily ever after... or did they? Written for writers group. Topic: 'The Joy of...'

Happily Ever After

Acacia Brovedani

Rather uninspired title, I know, but I've never been very good at those. This is the tale of a favorite old storybook heroine.... but probably a little different then you last heard it.

The Inquisitor: A Twisted Fairytale

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

A re-telling of Cinderella... only a bit different. Written for a 'twisted fairytale' competition... jury's still out on the winner. Bonus Points/Prize awarded to the person who can catch all the easter-eggs in it.