Fallen Hero Part Two ~story~

Erica Martin

Reality comes looking for Tyranser in his new life, wanting to take him away.

Dealing the Death Card

Amy Downum

This began some time ago as a collaboration between my boyfriend and me. We split before I ever sent him the part of the document I had written, so everything here is my own material. Nothing here is his. A bit of background information on this piece: it is set in the near future, 2008 or so, in England. The main character and her species are my rendition of Vampires. I dont know if I'll do much more with this, but so far it interests me.


Linda Billson

I made a few changes to this one, since I didn't like where it was ending up. ^.^ Let me know what you think!

Tanil: Chapter 1

daniel baumann

a violent, gang based future, where only the strongest and bravest survive... Tanil is one such person, a noble savage of the future

The Story of Daenar Firefang

Victoriana Ravenscraft

Daenar is not what he seems. A man of many talents within his critical medievil world, Daenar fights not only the unseen forces conspiring against him but the hostilities of his own clan, his own society. ~*~This is obviously unfinished and unedited. Please be gentle... lol I just wanted to put it out here for ya'll to see. I have great plans for this one. Thanx to all ya'll!

3 : Castle Caran

Milla Lindqvist

Now we find out just how much trouble Sares did cause by saving Windsong's life.

The Peoples of the Day (poem)

Ellen Jurik

Errr... this poem is just kindof going on about how animals are people and people are animals etc etc... I dunno. Hard to explain. My friend once said it had a 'fantasy feel' to it, but it isn't exactly high fantasy, but... well... whatever. Tell me what you think.

Adontis- chapter3

Cameron Brandsberg

Chapter three, not much to say which I haven't already...

Under the Red Moon

Jocelyn Owens

This poem is about vampires.

And I Was Cast Towards Home

Anna Smith

A short story I've yet to finish, but has gotten some revision and expansion lately, even if it's not progressed much further than where it ended last time. Kaz is forced to take a trip back to the minotaur homelands, and her own clan. Obligatory disclaimer: I'll say it now. Kaz is my main character used in roleplay, and others might find themselves mentioned or appearing. Yes, her short usename is Kaz. Yes, there is a series of Dragonlance books by Richard Knaak that features a minotaur named Kaz. Yes, I own them all. But! I did not steal the character! *grins* I happen to think highly of the author, and the race and world and culture he created. My Kaz, full name Kazanthi de-Arluun, is named in honor of both writer and his character, Kaziganthi de-Orilg. There's a lot they have in common, but my minotaur is not from Krynn, and her world, clan, past, and history are unique to myself.

Observations - The Duel

Lindsay Lockhart

'A battle for honor.'


Mike McLennan

Bit of a departure from what's been uploaded so far - high fantasy stuff, rather than modern.

Moonchild Scripts

Jade Hemming

This is the background to the Prologue, the very beginning of the story really. It's the history.

Maple Den Drive

Morgan Grover

I have recently updated / edited / and fleshed out this story and successfully sold it to Scourge (a dark fiction lit journal). At this point i have no idea when it will be put into print, I will be sure to let those of you who are interested know. I have kept the rights to keep this draft here.

GreyWolf - Prologue

Luca McWild' Beltrami

Yet another fantasy story, how original... I can hear you but if everything worksout as I hope (no chance it will...) it this story will be a bit more than just plain old fantasy (it will be plain gory fantasy, most likely). I hope this story doesn't offend anyone, but some of the characters are quite disrespecteful towards religions. Also there is a bit of gore in this part and more to come in the next chapters. Read that, shrug and then go on reading without caring at all.

Frozen Windows

Meghan (Apocalypse)

A rare half vampire girl Aillen, lives her teen life with guardians, until vampires come to use her for their own dark purposes. The rebellion groups of hundreds of years ago step up to oppose, and all goes down hill, dragging Aillen with it, as she changes into something far more dangerous. That which would bring the ruling clan from it's power and replace it with a proper clan, with an ancient help from her a woman who hold secrets of her own. Of course, it has yet to find a proper ending...

Fallen Hero Part One ~story~

Erica Martin

This story is about a vampire who is misunderstood, but finds solitude in a new town, with new friends.

Lost Paradise IV

Josephine Rosén

Starts were part III left, Fly is hunted by a modified and tries to get back to her gang. Struggle, new friends and everything else known in thecity of Lost Paradise.


Nancy Chamberlain

Ayven is a fairly typical teenager who lives a pretty normal life. But one day she meets a stranger who will change her life and turn her world upside-down. If you have not already read the Prologue, please do so before continuing to read!

Song of the Dawn Watch -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. This song will be in one of my short stories, written for it. If I get around to finishing it, that is. Also from my 'universe' of minotaur people, clan Arluun.