The Academy: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion of Karen, Veronica, Lori, and Harry's eventful final year at the Academy.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Five

Pete Anderson

The fourth dawn is here in all its crimson glory.


Kelsi Dick

A myth we had to write for English class. I would really like it, except I think there's a large piece missing out of the middle. Maybe someday I'll get around to writing it.

Basic Magic 102

Joshua Price

Written on 2/20/07 as the 4th story for my creative writing class. This time, I decided to try a dialogue driven story rather than action or detail driven, as is usually the case for me. I also attempted to avoid using stuff like 'He said, she shouted', etc to identify the speaker. The end result is pretty darn good in my opinion. Not my best thing, but does every new piece have to be my best? Being happy with it is fine by me. As per the story itself, its basically an excuse for me to explain the relation of magic and technology within my universe. And I do so shamelessly too. Besides, writing out essays and appendices can get a bit tedious, stories are much more fun. Anyways, now to throw it to the wolves...errr...the readers. Dang it. I didn't say that, you're only imagining it! Seriously. Ahhh, forget it, just read the story. Update 5/6/07: As per requirement of my writing class, I had to revise this piece. While minor in usual scope, killing the lisps and adding the 'he said/she saids' change the look and feel of the story quite a bit. There was also some minor corrections and rewordings as well. Update 6/15/07: Thanks to an anonymous user finding a typo, I was able to correct them. How did my spell checker miss yeahr?

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Eight

Pete Anderson

The poem enters its second major part: The Crimson Tear (the first one was called 'The Rose of Ladark'). The gloom of the Forest of Baruk is cheerful in comparison to the devistation of Ladark. Atleast here your greatest fear is a giant jaguar...


Charity Harrell

It can be a bleak future and an unhappy one of you heavily rely on the internet--too much... This tells the story of two girls living in a future where the world uses the internet for everything.

Meet the Hyaroc

Tabitha Ruf

The Fifth class of Starspawn are the Hyaroc. There are nineteen Hyaroc in all and are found only on Idraffi. Many of them are greatly misunderstood, and revolve around many legands, often as antagonists, or side evils. They are...

The Moronic Truth

Annie Harrington

The question here is this: Who can you trust in a case like this, and who can you believe? One thing, though. . . please pay attention to the different name of the characters, because there are so many of them. And thanks Monica for editing. . .

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle One

Pete Anderson

This is the first cycle of my epic, each cycle contains 3 cantos.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Nine

Pete Anderson

Dispair grows within the maze of the Forest of Baruk, and back in Ladark the past few days seem friendly and happy in comparison to the current evloution of events.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Eleven

Pete Anderson

Sidrok questions his new allies, yet does not hestitate to jump into battle against the Estates. This cycle is the last of this update, as the rest are not yet typed.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Seven and Interlude One

Pete Anderson

Cycle Seven: What happens when those who preach a more egalitarian way are just like those who they over throw? The Nordya are unforgiving. Interlude: A new dawn arises from a flaming pyre.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Ten

Pete Anderson

Unexpected captors, or are they friends? Confusion and beatings occur in the camp of the County Nordya. The quest for power corrupts...

Appendix A: Social Structure

Emilie Finn

For those interested, here is a brief sketch of the Lauralian social structure and system of education.

Old Flames

Tiffany Passmore

Ok...I got tired of complaints from my Fiction Writing Teacher, so I tried to write a story that was not fantasy...It only lasted for a couple of pages before my own style burst free. He even accused me of pulling stuff from here for class which is something I never do. I may place it here after I have used it for class like I did with Absence...but I do the assignments. Any way let me know what you think and please be honest.

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Four

Pete Anderson

Li quickly increases the oppression of the Nordya, creating ghetto-like subcities reminciant of Nazi-Germany and contemporary Israel-Palestine, though his crimes are more reflective of what one may see in Braveheart. Sanity fades...

Rise of the Sha'noon: Cycle Six

Pete Anderson

The Fourth dawn has passed, yet peace still evades the embattled Nordya. They decide that an embassy is necassary to besiege the gates, which are still held by the forces of Great House Ni'ya. Li, meanwhile, has no sanity remaining and is caged in his central palace.

Raw Insanity

Colleen Sweeney

This is a poem I wrote about math class... Heh heh! I just LOVE math! Can you tell???


Kevin Hosein

A student at a British school, tormented by school and his teachers, narrates his story during the class detention. Is it a pure coincidence or is the concentration of the mind really a forgotten power?

Limited Musings

Meredith Temple

A short piece of pure fluff, this story came about from an argument with my English teacher about whether or not I could write a good story in under a word limit. I'll admit defeat; I've since learned to write short stories. This particular teacher, however, is a pain in the , and set off my argument buttons. Here we are introduced to my muse. He hasn't got a name, and he's a pain at times, but I love him and would never do without him.