Rachel Armstrong

This is a prologue for what I hope will eventually become a much longer story. Ariana walked into my head and brought her world with her, but I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do with her yet. Still, I like to think the prologue by itself is pretty decent. ; )


Elizabeth Cooper

The adventure of two young girls goes horribly wrong when one decides to test out her magical abilities on the other...

Cepheus the Manslayer

Piki Serpa Centeno

This morning i was cleaning my old desk, and found this story on a scrap of paper, the original one was longer and had a lot of boring junk i edited, so the story would be interesting. It tells the story of two hunters, Hippias and Euphadimus, who went out to the eagle peaks in search of the Manslayer , a deranged black unicorn. Who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in this story? You be the judge.

the cliff (poem)

Jennifer Short

Warning! This poem is a little dark, and rather sorrowful. Nothing graphic or violent, though. And yes, I know that it's a little hard to watch wind blow in eddies, but I liked the flow.


Erik Jensen

A short description that unfolds as you read. 474 words, less than a page.

We Are Cain

Jess Hyslop

~~Excerpts from Beowulf~~ XIX Cain had become the killer of his own brother, his kin by the same father, and consequently, outlawed, marked with murder, he had gone fleeing from the happiness of human society and had settled in the wilderness. From him was born a multitude of beings preordained of old. XXII He was unable to wield weapons, for such a host of extraordinary creatures constricted him in swimming: many a sea-beast with fighting fangs tore at his soldier's mail-coat; monsters menaced him. Then the man realised he was in an abode of evil where no water harmed him and the current's sudden clutch was unable to touch him. He saw a fiery light, a lurid gleam glowing brightly. Then the virtuous man recognized the damned creature of the deep, the brawny water-hag. ~Anonymous; Bradley translation (with a couple of tweaks, to make it read better)~ To mod: Sorry about the italics the first time round! I ought to read the formatting rules more carefully. But in fact, I'm grateful that it got rejected, because it made me think of how else to show the voices, and that led to a little tweak at the end that gives extra impact (I think so, anyway). To readers: originally I used italics for the voice of the monsters, rather than the man, and there were no speechmarks. But rules are rules, and it's better this way anyway. The indents were HELLISH to translate into html, and they are not really where I wanted them to be exactly (in Word it was all placed precisely so that lines carried on from each other, but it just wasn't possible in html). Nevertheless, it's better with approximate indents than none at all.

The Gift

Justin Krueger

This is a story I wrote for my Mum's birthday. The events on this stories are meant to reflect how I feel towards my mother. Cast - the female 'Mum' the first wisp, her husband 'Al, my step father' the senond wisp 'Me' the third wisp 'Aden, my brother' the fourth wisp 'Aja, family dog'

Carry Me Home

sammy sims

The magic has left her body...she scorns herself for being nothing more than normal. She sees only one way out.


Shaun Ingamells

All for a moment fell silent as he reached for the heavens, for the stars and for the moon. His rooted feet left the cliff and for a moment he was soaring through the cold sea air, through the darkness and spray and to the womanly figure beneath... interest you? Read on...

5 : An Agreement

Milla Lindqvist

Prolonged contact with archenemy + unlikely gain/almost certain death = a proftable arrangement ?

"I'll race you to the sky"

Melissa Canaway

Erg, I'm not even sure how many times I've tried to upload this, and for some reason it doesn't want to cooperate ....I don't know why...If it does work this time, inspiration came from a lovely story called "Into the Dawn" by Amanda Jean Timmerman, here in the wood, and the contest prompt "I'll race you to the sky".

limerick #6

Wayne Hingley

Anyone tired of these things yet? I might have a couple more left.


Sarah Hagen

Brahmin- The force that holds the universe together A poem written to define exactly what 'brahmin' is. What everyday events, miracles, we take for granted.

The HeronTear. Chapter One.

Josephine Broshears

I probably wont be posting the rest of the story, though I would enjoy a few critiques upon this part. The HeronTear is about a young princess who finds the killing of her father not as tragic as it is supposed to be.

The Lost Mind - Chapter 1*

Carly Silverton

This chapter is finally revised, due to the * by the name. Lok for the * by the name of others chpaters in my gallery to see if they're revised. This is the oldest story here, but my writing haas drastically changed and supposedly improved since two years ago. Yay! This is the final product of this little project I first took on as a fun writing excercise. Hope my fans like it. In this chapter you can meet the characters. But only one character holds the key to Julian's terrible illness and its supposed 'cure'. This is slightly dark, and I wouldn't like readers to go past chapter two until I have the others revised, so you can judge my current writing/style level.

The Edge

Amanda Timmerman

My entry for the "Echoes of Elfwood" contest, this is the story of a young elf princess who has been forced to the edge by a series of events.  As she steels herself to jump off a cliff and end it all, she flashes back on what brought her there and tries to fingure out who to blame.  The inspiration for this story is the picture "Suicide" by Kaegan N. Cusenbary.  I went looking for a picture to write about and stumbled upon this, and I loved it!  I only hope I can do it justice with this story.  Enjoy!

Death Wish

Eric Liao

This poem changed while I was writing it. But I like it this way.

The Lost Princess

Kate Pirate' Riley

This one kind of explains itself really! If you've read omega then come on do the math about who Kiah is. This is the story in Kiah's own words of her life in a time when the church was everything to her and betrayed her. The young Kiah has talents much different to Sophie as the Omega spirit both possess reacts differently with how the person feels and Kiah's powers are revealed slowly though not yet. This chapter reveals the trial. Watch out for the next chapter which I promise will be more exciting as this chapter is only an explanation of Kiah's predicament. Illustrations may have to be posted in a gallery or somethin as I can't figure out how to attach them to the stories! Have any ideas ppl??

The Threat

Justin Krueger

This is a story I wrote for a dear friend of mine. She is one of my best friends.

Journey Part 06 - The Valley

Al Howe

A trek towards understanding.