Castle in the Sky

Aaron Fredericks

This poem is a little simple. And a little juvenile. If you don't like it, fine! Read something else. Of mine. Preferably. J/K Enjoy the poem. Written February 16, 1998.

Terra Somniorum


I sat on my bed one night with my blue notebook on my lap, just waiting for my Muse... she never showed up. Desperate for inspiration, I turned to Edgar Allan Poe, my literary god, and browsed through my collection of his works. I found a poem titled 'Dream Within a Dream,' or something like that, and just by reading the title I was struck. I STILL have not read his poem, but here's mine! There's also some Wordsworth in there, because I love his verse. So far as I know, this is how you say 'Land of Dreams' (litteraly, Dream's Land) in Latin, but hey I'm only a second-year student.

Cloud's Tear

Kelly Paten

Ummm...what to say??? It isn't exactly a really new concept but I wanted to try something new for me. I dont even know if I could continue this into a bigger story...comments anyone???

The Cloud

Abigael Casey

This was also written in late 2001, when I was in grade 10. Our unit of study was 'science fiction', and the first task (which unfortunately never got assessed) was to write a short story with one of a selection of bad things happening. I chose the 'A cloud of gas covers the sun and wipes out life as we know it' kinda thing. This is the result! Hehehe! I'm especially proud of the twist in the end! ^_^


Laura Chase

I thought it fitting to use the Japanese word as the title for this one with it meaning fireworks (Hana = flower, bi = fire). For this, I thought of Aeris and Cloud, and their theme song.

Family Get-Together

Maria Hirsch

Anatol is a character of my novel too, a vampire (they call themseve brothofrimpirs or long-tooth) who's parents were unicorns. He had to work for the evil vampire ghost Senejak and to save his master Valdimir too. In this story he meet his family in the woods and the creature Senejak.


Annie Jessan

This was written for a topic for an egroup. It was written in about 15 minutes, so there isn't much of a plot or story. It is more in the nature of a single episode...


Michael May

This is an attempt to communicate that childish exitement I get when I'm alone on a dark evening, and a mother of a storm moves in... changing the atmosphere at it's whim. I love those rare occasions :) I picture a young traveler keeping minutes on his journey. Here is his ode to an encroaching storm.

The elvish Campaign

Mark Jenkins

This is about an elf who finds himself forced to join what he thinks would be the group and have the life of a king doing all he wanted, but will this really be what he wants? and why is Haato being so weird?


Tonya Montgomery

Spirit Guardians are those who attach themselves to one's soul at the moment of birth. They stay with that soul throughout their life and offer guidance and protection. They usually come to their soul in dreams and always in a form that their soul can accept. Unlike a Guardian Angel, a Spirit Guardian ages as the soul that they're attached to ages. Some Guardians are very young, some are very old and not all are necessarily human. It is said that a sensitive person can feel the presence of another's Guardian when they are present, provided that the Guardian is an older one. This story is about a Spirit Guardian and the soul that he is attached to.

Black Wings

E. Hanna

Based loosely on a song by my favourite musician. I've decided to take a metaphor literally.

Dragon's Journey

Heather Davis

A short poem about a guardian dragon - a sentinel who guards his world from the highest reaches of the sky - within the clouds. Wonderland

Shaun Ingamells

Well the first part is kindda like 'alice in wonderland' hence the title, and i dunno i was bored and had Alice in wonderland in my head for some strange reason and so this was born...

Autumn Leaves and Ravens

Rochelle Watts

Well a storm cloud of ravens who take people's souls is scary. Unless you're undead and have no soul. If you look around my gallery you'll see I kind of have a thing with ravens; must have been all the Nordic mythology as a child.

Falling Down the Maze

Robert Henry

This is the first Fantasy story I've uploaded here! Cool, hunh? Since I'm not one to give big summaries of short stories, you'll just have to read it. Please leave a comment, criticism is always welcome as long as it's constructive.


Ruth Petroff

Too close to home for everyday life experiences often are translated into fantasy in my writing. This one is one I still have to conquer

dragon chapter two suki

charlie wilkinson

this is the second chapter of dragon and yet again the vertailin attack but not the girl its someone else who joins the quest...


Tom Shine

Number four, brought to you with another highly original title. Why, I'm just spewing them out now!

A Shimmer in the Wind

Connie Miller aka Summer

Have you ever watched the rain clouds come and go? Have you ever been fixed to the imagine of steam rising off the ground of a midday storm, and all the world was green and fresh again? This poem was inspired by the clouds, thunder, wind, rain, and mist.


Iris Lise

Ok this is something I wrote in Creative English a few years ago. It wasn't FOR the class just in my journal. I haven't fiddled with it in a long time but I might touch it again. I need some help first though =P Enjoy.