Mare Maris (Sea)

Matthew Deagle

Just a somewhat surreal little thing describing the sea... Related to a character in a fantasy story I'm writing... I gave this to a friend once as a gift, I believe...but that doesn't mean I can't put it in Elfwood... Kind of a Celtic/Maritime air about it...and with good reason... The story I mentioned has to do much with Faeries, which as you hopefully know, were (and are) a large part of Celtic mythology...

The Flower 2 (The Flower)

Brandon Lee

Can we fight away the mist which clouds our minds?

Empathy Part 5

Alia Jory

Rial and Kynthia hop over the cliffhanger, cover some distance, and (finally) actually access those textbooks they risked their lives for. This is all I have right now, and as my sis has been bugging me to re-finish my main story, it'll probably stay this way for a while. Unless I get overwhelming numbers of comments...?

The Hermit

Jess Hyslop

Ooh, is this a companion piece to 'The Hunter', you ask?? Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint you... so yes, yes it is!! In fact, it is almost more the Hunter's story than the Hermit's... Although I am sorry to say that I don't consider it quite as original as 'The Hunter' itself; it's a little more *generic*, you could say. Which is a shame - maybe I will re-work it at some point. BUT it does give big big clues as to WHAT the Hunter is, if not WHO. I was going to reveal his name at the end, but when I wrote it in it seemed a really cliched and horrible way to end it, so I didn't... Hehehe sorry!By the way, as I've replied to many of the comments on 'The Hunter' itself, most of your wonderful guesses as to his identity were actually being way more clever than I was when writing it... and so made a lot more sense than who he actually is meant to be. To be honest, it doesn't matter particularly in 'The Hunter' - it's a bit more explicit here. I hesitated to make it so explicit, as I didn't want to spoil the mystery... If you liked 'The Hunter' as it was, maybe you should steer away from this one. (Ha, good one, Jess - telling people *not* to read your story!!!)


Monica Stich

A poem of feelings


Connie Miller aka Summer

Mystic and dreamy...I think it's rather nice. Please comment! :)

Teardrops of Angels

Kat Chan

Me was sad :( So, yeah. this makes me cry even now because i had a pet baby magpie who died. he was attacked by a cat and i saved him. so here's my expression of sorrow.

Flying Wings of Dreams

Jeff Kao

Thirteen-year old Tobieaz Redil has made an extraordinary discovery: he is growing a pair of wings. Now he has to figure out a way to deal with a society that won't accept him as who he is, but will treat him as a monster.

'Dream Upon An Angel's Wing'

Elizabeth Steen

This is a children's story-so if you do not want to read a children's story, on a sensitive subject-please by-pass this *smiles* My inspiration came from my li'l angel-cousin. *sigh* She passed away last year from Leukemia(cancer) and since her death I have not been able to write anything for children. Kristy and I(as well as her big brother Matt) used to make up stories together. She DEMANDED a princess and an alligator to be in EACH story. Last week...the day of the 1 yr. anniversary of her death my angel once again inspired me. You will note the cherubic angel in the story, is named after her. Kristy was 4 1/2 yrs. old. Those who have read this suggest you having tissues handy. Please let me know what you think, is the wording too difficult for a child, what age and is it too sad? Because life afterall isn't always happy ALL the time. Maybe a good coping story. Well it at least helped me a little *small smile* I can't seem to edit this, forgive all the ...'s and typos, it was written awhile ago and was written in a haze of grief.

A Very ZEBRA Day

Emily Day

Oh, I love zebras! They are my favorite creatures in the world!!! How I wish I could be Emma! (Not Emma Bovary, though, if you've ever read that French novel - she bothers me).

Castle in the Sky

Jamie McGregor

This was actually something I wrote when I was slightly depressed. I was a little upset with the way the world worked and therefore took pen to paper to make something productive of my feelings. And here it is. Enjoy!

Nightfall (Poem)

Matti Spets

Something I wrote one saturday evening not too long ago... Just something that can (I believe) be interpret in several ways. Not actually fantasy, but I just had to upload something.


Angela Haynes

This is a poem about the Apocalypse. I myself do not believe the world would end like this ever, but Its rewarding to see this from a different perspective. This was inspired by some mixed emotions, but it does have the element of fantasy.

Upper Air Cowboy

Tiffanie Gray

The final frontier? What if weather had to be managed like cattle herds?

Sky King

Amelia Greenfield

A small poem depicting a dragon flying in the sky.


Michael May

This is an attempt to communicate that childish exitement I get when I'm alone on a dark evening, and a mother of a storm moves in... changing the atmosphere at it's whim. I love those rare occasions :) I picture a young traveler keeping minutes on his journey. Here is his ode to an encroaching storm.

Angelic Dust-1

Tasha-Ann Torres

I saw a picture called 'Fade Away' by Adele Sessler and was inspired to write a story of how it came to be. So this is the beginning of my story Angelic Dust. Its the beginning of this Angel's life. You should go look at Adele Sessler's gallery its really good. *Fade Away* I have gone against my word,I killed,and now I will pay.The blood runs off my fingertipsand I stare up into the nightwith eyes black and cold like ice.My pale body shiversas my wings start to fade.I've lost all my innocencenow I'm fading away. ^thats the poem that goes with the story and it was also inspired by the pic.

Angelic Dust-2

Tasha-Ann Torres

This is the second part of my story angelic dust that I am working on. It has a bit more info on some things up there and some things that go on up there. Enjoy!

The Colored Stream

Nicolei Arnold

Something very short, but still throws you into that fantasy world where some of us belong forever.

In the Clouds...

Judy Ponceby

Fantasies of the Mind