Mother Kat: Chapter 3

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter three. Introducing Gary, and one of Mother Kat's parishioners.

Mother Kat: Prologue

Emilie Finn

My contribution to Wyvern's Project 5. A rather ambitious story set in Eugene, OR some decades in the future. Let's hope my writing skills are up to this!

The Extremely too Long Story of Code Name Fun

Krista Williams

Just a warning, this story is plotless. It was my second attempt at writing. It basically is a bunch of random scenes and lines that I had swarming in my head fused together into a random code name story...thing. The characters and such come from Glo 'the Bug' Bowden's Trench Coats and Love Notes. Check it out! Indeed, I do have her permission to post. This story was going to have the plot: the coolest team of secret agents ever (you better be thinking of BLT...or else!) get code names! Maybe you can still see that happening. And I just realized that it doesn't really end. Anyway, have fun! Oh! And believe it or not, I have permission to post from the infamous Hut, namely Glo 'the Bug' Bowden herself!

Residue (poem of sorts)

E. Hanna

For the original text which inspired this work, see And old William thought he'd squeezed the last drop of pathos out of that little paragraph: well I was arrogant enough to try for more. Plus a little ironic humour, what I think was Hamlet's greatest atribute.

A Perfect Fit 02

Jeremy Whiteoak

Second Chapter - Things are beginning to take shape.

Decode the Rain

Alison McKenzie

I think this is relatively self-explanatory. I've been playing with an idea of messages being hidden in the patterns of things we take for granted, like drops of rain or light on a forest floor or the way grass bends in the wind.

Allmighty code of chivalry

Mariya Mitkov

a short little thing about how the code of chivalry was created.....and destroyed.