Soul Sipping

Emily Grist

'Let me sip your soul from a Styrofoam coffee cup.' I love little clips of inspiration.


E. Hanna

This story is set in the late, great Amanda M. Howard's 'Apocalypse Moon' universe and is posted here with her kind permission. I wrote it partly as an homage and partly because its such an awesome story that I wanted (greedily) to be a part of it. Comments encouraged.

Starbuks Story

Cally Steussy

If you want to know why I call it that . . . well, I wrote this for a friend; here's the piccie she drew . . . Coffee . . .

The Coffee Battles

Kayla Casper

I'm sure that's not going to be it's real name...but it's all I can come up with while not being caffeinated >_< It's a little story that I wrote with two of my friends from a message board, Absinthe and Shadow of Souls (my character is Wyverna, obviously) This isn't the completed story (actually I don't think we ever completed it...) but anyways there's a little bit at the end that I don't have and when I find it I'll be sure to upload the rest. =^_^= I hope you enjoy it, and, if it isn't obvious after the first few lines, this story is made entirely in jest. :) Enjoy!

Questions of a Stranger

This is loosely based on this guy from my dreams. Not of. From. He tried to kill me, honest. I was just bored one day too so...

Killing Me Softly

E Purington

2,500 Words Note: 'Seignior' is the equivalent title 'Mister' Story may contain unsettling themes/imagery. For Burke: Warning to all male readers. Title Killing Me Softly © Roberta Flack's song of that name. But my dreams They aren’t as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That’s never free No one knows what it’s like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes Behind Blue Eyes © The Who


This really doesn't have much to do with anything. It's similar to the other two, but don't worry, one day I'll do something

Blue Plate Special

Amy Williams

A cold November night in a less than hygenic diner; Fiona clad in her usual black atire and attitude ponders violence over coffee... a funny twist at the end. Written 2002?


Amy Williams

The tremulous voice of the city as understood by a girl who has tasted every flavor of rain. Insane or painfully observant? A young woman's struggle with reality, dogma, beauty, destruction, love and the possibility of living. Brilliant.... Written 2001.

Excerpt 1

Baz Dwornik

Random scene possibly from a story yet to be written, or even developed.

Rabid Gerbiles from Outer-Space!

Lindsay Florence Morrison

*shrug* What can I say? I was high on caffine...

The Moderator


This little story is dedicated to our hard working moderators.

The way I see it..

Dream Black

This is a story i had to write for english class way back in '00 when I was in art school- thats why theres the list of references at the end. Mmmmm Coffee....

The Great Coffee Saga: Chapter 2

Mel Angel) Wright

The second part. I know it's short, I know not much happens, but I am writing more, honest!

The Chocolate Diva- Part 1: Waking Up

Nathan Russell

a man with a mysterious past and a story that starts near the end. its secrets shal be revealed in time

On Vampires

Simi *Muffin Queen*

Two short drabbles about vampires from my Dark Angelverse. But you don't believe in vampires, do you?

Humorous Blood

Amy Williams

A moment of deep thinking followed by a review of a vampiric menu. A page long short laden with inside jokes... Written in 2000?

Resuscitate 423 - Do You Like Syrup?

Heaven Benford

Huge technological advances have been made in the agricultural field. One company has desgned a miracle chemical that can actually bring plants back to life. Unfortunately plants aren't the only thing it can bring back to life... and th fact that it's happening across the country is equally as unfortunate

Transmission Halted

J. King

I wrote this in the space of four days some years ago. It's old and doesn't do my skill justice, but I simply fell in love with the concept. It's a shame I could never find the drive to continue it, even though I have wanted to on many occasions.

The Great Coffee Saga : Chapter 1

Mel Angel) Wright

The first part in a random story.(Thanks, 'Sylver' for the inspiration ;)!) It's about an interdimensional time/space travelling coffee jar, and his quest to save the world from the evil grasp of Instant Coffee....