The Fey chap. 5

Alyssa Ullmeyer

In which we see the inside of Aeric's school and learn a little bit about deception.

College Dragons Chapter 11

Michelle Appleby

Going home with John and showing him her home.

Just Another Rainy Day

Stephanie Covington

Ever wonder what college girls do when they're bored? Me personally, I write, but I imagine some of them do this instead.

Land of Eternal Twilight: Ashen's Tale

Tema Gochberg

One of the plotlines in the world-ending novel, Land of Eternal Twilight, as seen from the perspective of several University students.

Aldora's Quest: Chapters 12-14

April Martinez

As I said before, this is a dead tale. But it's here to receive comments and feedback so that I can further better my writing. Thank you for reading. :)

Aldora's Quest: Chapters 06-11

April Martinez

Continuation of the story thus far.

College Dragons chapter 9

Michelle Appleby

Kelsey returns to college to find something very unexpected

Angle: Chemistry

Richard Bruns

Modern people are thrown into a bizarre situation.

Ghost Artist Part 1: Morning Mists

Erin Smith

This story is about an aspiring artist named Carry who's artwork seems to be trying to tell her something...

Room 708

Alisha Farnsworth

I live in an (outwardly at least) totally ugly concerte block of a dorm. We also get balconies which are locked a week before finals every quarter. I found this kind of funny in an bad way, as they feared we are going to get so stressed we are going to take the leap believing we can fly. Being an old building full of college students there are often weird noises. And just being part of life weird things happen, underwear ends up in the trash and so on. I joke around with my roommates saying we are haunted and have our very own ghost. I put the two together and in an attempt to try something very different wrote room 708. I finished it in kind of a rush and in my opinion its not as good as some of my other stuff, but I like it still the same.

The Odd Jobs, Ch. 1-17

Xander Brown

My 2007 NaNoWriMo novel, which I unfortunately did not finish in time to win, but intend to complete.

Nothing Else Matters

Nicolei Arnold

The house was warm, aside from the cold outside. It was a fairly big place, but the world seemed so small to Dante. He sat quietly, lost in his deep hurtful thoughts. The memories good and bad, the love he'd missed so much. For him time had stopped completely, and he felt most utterly alone...

Dragon Rider

Karen Krueger

The other night, I was sitting on an air plane returning to college after spending Thanksgiving at home. Out of nowhere, this story just popped into my head. The only problem is I have no idea how to finish it. I'm open to suggestions.

A Way with Mirrors: Chapter 1

Sarah Barton

This section of A Way With Mirrors is the first chapter of a small novel I am currently writing. Its about girl named Lenore who finds an ominous orb while taking an exam at Merkmire University.

Vampire Princess Meow

Jason Allard

A young catgirl is attacked while walking across her college campus. As she recovers, she learns that she has been chosen to be the bride of the world's most powerful vampire, and only she can defeat him.

Death's Diary - Version 3.0 - Chapter 1

April ]-[3L' Jones

Again I wasn't satisfied. So here it is again but changed in a different style. Please help me decide!!!


Tema Gochberg

A college freshman's violent introduction into the magical realm.

Hope in the Darkness

Cassandra Dorow

A mad vampire is using the college campus setting to breed colonies of vampires in the U.S. Jadea and Joe must stop her before they are enslaved to the undead.

Writer and Reader

Rowen Poole

I was sitting in a university class one day, waiting for the professor. The girl sitting next to me was writing a letter to her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend. She was very mad and was writing furiously. Her penmanship was thin and spidery yet the characters were large. I was inspired to write this as I sat, watching her write.

Hope in the Darkness 2

Cassandra Dorow

A mad vampire is using the college campus setting to breed colonies of vampires in the U.S. Jadea and Joe must stop her before they are enslaved to the undead.