The Fourth: Ch1

Faraz Hussain

My first sci-fi work. The introduction of the main character. (Project currently on haitus). Rated PG (violence).

Diaspora #1

James Hebda

This is my first and, so far, only written work on the galaxy of Diaspora

Independence Day

Elenna M. Kraft

250 years from now, colonists throughout the Solar System celebrate their Independence Day.

Sergei's Saga 4

Roy 'Raven' Vatten

Were YOU there? -Do you know Sergei's story? ...Do you remember the future? I am Raven. I were there. I remember.

Sergei's Saga 1

Roy 'Raven' Vatten

Were YOU there? -Do you know Sergei's story? ...Do you remember the future? I am Raven. I were there. I remember.

01: The Invite

Elisabeth Garrison

This is the next part of the story that started with Parenting for Windows 98. It's a few months later, since Kit's eighteen now, and I made sure I had more scifi worked into the story (seriously, until I wrote this, Kit was an only child *grins*). Rather than add the rest of a very long story, I'm breaking Phoenix House up into more palatable bittles.

Wrath of Angels

Cameron Willis

I wrote this while lsitening to a Babylon 5 music CD. All that dramatic music convinced me to write a sci-fi story. This story is related to some other stories I'm writing, so read the whole thing, please. I've finally got the most noticable errors out, so enjoy.


Michael (Amujr) Upchurch

Okay, this about a human colony that destroyed the natives to take the planet for themselves. But the aliens, knowing they were doomed, engineered a virus that would attack and destroy them, but the contaner had to be opened. It took 229 years (Hence, Roman Numerals CCXXIX), but finally the stupid humans all died off. Yet another morbid poem....

In The Light of Einstein

Valerie Higgins

A poetical description of life in a human colony on the moon Ge which orbits the planet Poppins lit by a star called Einstein.

Of Stardust and Faded Memories Chapter 2

Crystal Hite Rodriquez

Eris's past it revealed a bit more, as well as a possible threat to her future



A rebel/terrorist has been caught and convicted to 'slave'-labour on distant colonies. But who is actually closer to reality? A Homeverse story.

Last Child

Steve Reece

 A dying people try to remember the deep past.

Tales of the Bounty: PT1

Robert Hughes

In the unsavory trades of the future, one can never be too sure of what the next bounty brings... as Talen Orteis soon comes to discover. The renowned bounty-hunter must piece together a puzzle of intrigue, murder, lies, and deceit within a hostile colony... more than his money is at stake, a genetically engineered virus has been released and it threatens to infect the entire colony.

New Haun Prologue

Matt Zhan

A space stoory


Aron Zell

Earth has an established colony on the Moon and an infant colony on Mars but can it keep them?

Of Stardust and Faded Memories

Crystal Hite Rodriquez

The beginning of the woes of Eris Allel. A brief peek into her history, and a small idea where her life will be heading in the future.


Matthew Deagle

I decided to just take that 'In the Nature of Men' thing and transform it into a very very short little thing which serves as a small piece of writing which really doesn't require much background information to be understood--at least emotionally... Intrinsecus is Latin for 'Inwardly'

Residue (poem of sorts)

E. Hanna

For the original text which inspired this work, see And old William thought he'd squeezed the last drop of pathos out of that little paragraph: well I was arrogant enough to try for more. Plus a little ironic humour, what I think was Hamlet's greatest atribute.

To Those Who Wait (Part 3)

E. Hanna

Continuing from before. Featuring a falshback 400 years to the middle of the trip. Anyone who doesn't like ambiguous metaphysics, I can't help you. Thanks to everyone for there comments and please keep them up; good or bad, so long as they help. -I just found a spelling error at the end. It should read 'keyed up a random song'

03.Choices Part Two

Roy 'Raven' Vatten

Were YOU there? -Do you know Sergei's story? ...Do you remember the future? I am Raven. I were there. I remember.