The Spider's Dare 1: The Spider's Dare

Seth Borer

I have this in poem form, and now Im changing it to story form, hence stanzas.

Ariameda and Dicaeopolis

Laura Levinson

I really don't know what to list this under. I'm guessing High Fantasy. This is a ideological myth I wrote for my Myths of the Greek class this semester. I rather like it. Let me know what you think!

Legend of Aliah

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

A tribute to the Queen of Ice, part of the standard repertoire of any respectable Ailurian bard. Yes, my darlings, I have finally actually written music for it and will perform it on February 27th at my senior recital.

A Dragon's Journey ch 5 & 6

Bridget Duncan

I put capters five and six togther because the chapters are short. and if you are waiting for a name, be patient.

Ginger's Tale: 2 : A Crippling Blow

Seth Borer

Another piece of Ginger's Story. . .but not the whole story. . .


Krystal Crawford

A poem!! =D About magic colors that have minds of their own

Fire Ice Chapter two

Kelley Nicol

I don't like this as much i 's short and intrduces more charecters

~Lady Autumn~

Elizabeth Steen

A lovely vision of Lady Autumn. Part of the inspiration came from artist, Jonathon Earl Bowser's 'Singer of the Autumn Lullabye(

Dungeons and Dog Poo

Karan Dunco

Kale, a safe and happy but incorrigable guy is walking home when a ninja girl drops into his life and kills his date.

Desert (chapter one)

Natalie Myers

this is a story about a girl named Natasha, who is taken from her home on Earth to the Void.

Phoenix Dream

Hannah Ringler

This is a dream I had, which I typed out as soon as I woke up. It made my brother really cranky, because he couldn't play his computer games, but it was such a wonderful dream I wanted to preserve it in as much coherency as possible. I hope I have succeeded to some extent, and that you can experience a measure of my dream.

Red Moon

Mira R. Horsky

This is a short, recent, and extremely unsatisfying story. Aren't you dying to know what it's about?

Before the Dawn: More Color

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

In a world in which all forms of art have long been forgotten, a girl tries to recreate a scene the only way she knows how.

The Colored Stream

Nicolei Arnold

Something very short, but still throws you into that fantasy world where some of us belong forever.

The Open Hand

Justin 'Merlion Emrys' Williams

“The Open Hand” is the first story I wrote set in what I would eventually call The Universe of the Nine Roads. It’s also the first story featuring Zerieth, who goes on to become the Hierophant of the White Road in the novel I am working on and introduces The Order of the Open Hand. I place it here, after it’s having been rejected from all the best publications, for the delectation of my beloved readers, representing the “High Fantasy” stream of my work.

The Spider's Dare 2: The Spider's Name

Seth Borer

Part two. . .cause I wanted to get it up. I think this one clashes with the first, but that's not a bad thing.

Dragons Egg

Sarah Blizzard

A story about the hatching of a dragon

The Beauty of Vision

Rachel Michel

A young mage disscovers the magical tallents of a blind girl and helps her to develope her craft so that she is able to 'See' for the first time in her life.


S.E. Ripley

To put it simply, I love dragons. Not to any sort of obsession on any level but I do enjoy seeing them and reading about them when they cross my path. So, I figured I would give them a little back for giving me such joy by writing a few poems on them. 1 of 2.