The Spider's Treachery

Dalyn Walton

This is the second chapter of my Battle school story. I've choosen not to switch characters around anymore, the ones you saw before are the ones you get now.

A Galaxy Apart, Prologue

Kyle Arthur

The start of an adventure across several planets to find the source of a mysterious new foe. This is just the prologue to introduce the main characters.

Alera-Chapter 2

Matthew Gardner

A new character, I think I almost like him better than Kelnay, we'll see though.

The Orcish Threat-Episode 3

Gil Shimoni

Another episode here. If you read the last ones and the prolog you should be quit into it by now.I'll try to make my following episodes longer, but i just wanted to get started, so I copied the episodes as fast as i could, and even divided one chapter into two parts.Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

The Orcish Threat-Episode 9

Gil Shimoni

9th chapter... For those interested, no, Ag'Kathar isn't hardly dead yet, even though it may seem so.

The Orcish Threat-prolog

Gil Shimoni

this is a very short prolog, opening the story that is actually a sequal to another story...questions are understandable and welcome...

Angel Flight Down

Yvonne Bressani

The second of a couple of stories I have written with a dedication towards the men and women of the armed services.

A Distant Sound of Thunder

Brien Miller

This is a anthropomorphic science fiction novel I wrote between 1987 and 1992. It was submited for publication but was declined due to a 'soft market.' Ariake Arakya finds himself suddenly transferred to the regular navy after having commanded fast, long-range scoutships for many years. But his new command is rife with personal problems and troubles beset him from the outset. He must overcome the reluctance of others in the face of a coming war and ultimately lead his starship into murderous combat. World War II's Guadalcanal naval campaign was one of the historical inspirations for this story. The characters are all horse people.

Chapter 17

Andrew Casey

Yaesh versus Daegan, Squill, and Raleigh. Will they make it out alive?

Final Vengeance

Jason Romein

This one is the almighty, long-awaited sequel to the Fall of Asmodius! Mostly long-awaited because I was too lazy to post it, but... =O This one is a good story, though, and it sorta leads up to 'Talon's Legacy - Prologue', and with 'Fall of Asmodius', it tells the highlights of the Talon story, with the exception of his final fall at the Battle of Vortex Gate. Enjoy this mighty tale!


Mischa Pringle

This story is based on the game Redline (not Redline racer), as you can tell by the title. Another one of my english assignment stories. I actually don't like this one very much. I really had to force myself to write it, and it just didn't want to flow nicely.

Untitled Mecha

Jason Allard

Its just another day in the Legion for Akira as his until is scambled to take part in the seige of a Tidean fortress. This was written several years ago, and presumed lost. Figured I'd see what people thought of it.

A squirrels luck(The Gate I)

Robert Anderson

a bad day for a white squirrel

Dog Darko's Last Stand

Samuel McCann

Set in the fictional fantasy realm of Allnaak, Dog Darko is an aging, veteran gladiator who has seen better days. Having pledged to his wife that he would hang up his pelt and axe for good, he is lured from retirement by the promise of lasting security for his family whether he wins or not...

Great Ape, chapter two: Googenhench's Pane

Shahrom Hawley

 The second chapter of "Great Ape," my sequel to "A War of Apes."

Tales 2b

James Wyatt

Chapters 5-7 of Gallium.

Chapter 18

Andrew Casey

Closer and closer they come...will they meet or pass by in the night?

Sea of Troubles

Stuart Ferguson

A worried father tells the captain of the guards that his sons will most likely join the rebellion if something isn't done.

Night Watch Chapter 3

Kyle Arthur

Here is the third chapter of Night Watch. Let me know if you think I over did the psychic thing. I'm looking for input for chapter 4 and onward.

Night Watch Chapter 2

Kyle Arthur

Here is the second chapter for Night Watch. The story progresses and interesting plot points are revealed.