Desperately Seeking Subtext

Erin McLaughlin

The first line says it all.

A Different View of the West

Dan Farmer

Well, I said I'd try comedy, so here it is. It's just slapstick, I'm still working on satire, but it's funny nonetheless. At least, that's what I and my test readers thought, anyway.

Misadventures Three: Darkness

Pamela Lehmann

After Book Two: Lies, we now return to Tulomon Willenello the Elf and Iggle Miffkins the Ipah (halfling). This story picks up from the goat (last line of Book One) and adventure that followed...


Grace Cruz

I haven't thought of a title yet. Enjoy my firsT chapter of the story and plz leave a comment thank you. I just tried making a funny love story. Tell me what you think!

The Big Book of Logic

Lloyd 'God' Johnson

This is an absolutely fantastic fantasy piece dedicated to Douglas Adams and his remarkable work in his life time.

Mercenaries of Eltorin

Blair Turberfield

This is the Introduction to the ongoing Saga of Eltorin

Poem: My Fair Maiden

Matthew Poole

Another poem dedicated to my fiance. Don't underestimate the fragile and sweet looking girl.

Tepes Academy part 1

Alexis May

A girl is sent to boarding school for her first year of high school. It's great exept for one thing. It's for demons, and she's one of them. She just doesn't know it yet.

He Had it Coming

Maeve Leonard

Creative title, no? Heh. I don't usually title my stories unless I have too. Now, I must seems that the closer my writing comes to the present, the worse I am. I don't know why. But this was a request. Matt wanted me to put it up. So I did, because Matt rawks my world. *waves to Matt*'s Lady Layla and Seiko again! First thing I ever wrote with them in it. I can't think of much of an intro is Seikos first attempt on trying to pimp his way into Lady Laylas heart...heh heh. Oh, you can only imagine how Layla reacts...


Maira Danner

Sometimes you just canĀ“t meddle with fate.

The Travelers Three

Joseph Wartick

This is my attempt at that little-seen genre of elfwood lore: satire. I put a lot of my dry humor into it, and also poked fun at the cliche that dwarves and elves have been made to be.

The Rainbow Stone part 2

Harold Alter

Tram, a legend, along with others, plot an escape of a Princess away from a King.

saffron's quest, part one

Foz Meadows

In which Saffron, your average teenage earthling persecuted by an evil maths teacher, is rescued from certain boredom by the imps Ingryn and Balter on the orders of They and Eleazarus, two old men who run the universe from the shell of a giant snail and who want her to go on a quest across space/time...

Heroes Inc.

Sarah Bevon

This one came about when I was sleeply considering the idiodicy of the typical hero and villain. I mean, who fights about pits of radioactive goo? I'd mentioned the concept in the Overlord poem a while back, and again credit for the term 'evil overlord' goes to the list, but this time I wasn't feeling poetic. So I fell on that horrible standbye English teachers everywhere love: the essay. Except my essays somehow turn out far from typical, unless it's a really dry subject. My goal this time was to keep it under two pages, handwritten. It worked: this is only one and a half. Please read and review!

Curses & Thieves (chapter one)

Christina Lovse

A curse placed on a princess turns her into a kleptomaniac. Now she must find the witch who put the curse on her before she destroys her family's honor completely. (comical fantasy)

Mark II-Chapter Four

Steven Elmore

Boy meets Girl, other Girl meets Boy, Boy gets in motorcycle accident and Insane Uncle pulls Boy's mind into a robot body.

Hidden Sounds Chapter6

Valerie Cook

H.S.'s new Buddy

Hidden Sounds Chapter 2

Valerie Cook

Camping Rollercoaster

The Demon of the Rose

Jadon Pfeiffer

Tanis Haven is walking to school on one fateful day and gets dragged into a supernatural war between three rivaling groups in some place called The Realm.

Vincent Price on: THE FUTURE

Christopher Bennett

A Pathetic, gut-poking, Spoof skit.