What a Superhero Thinks About at 3 a.m.

Sean Daily

Even superheroes feel the weight of years in the false dawn. One of my favorite poems.

Tales of a Dark City (The Shadow Weave)

Anson Brehmer

The year is 2003, and the world is a much as we know it. A secret US facility in a remote corner of the Iraqi desert has started messing with the fabric of reality in ways man ought not, and there are those who would pay any price to stop them...and change the world forever. This is the tale of the Shadow Weave, the beginning of the Brave New World.

My Name is Xemby

Kimberly Loo

The highly amusing rant of a forgotten character, trapped in her novel world.

Old Man's Glory

Peder Palmstierna

This tale was born when, on another site long ago, I was being slandered by someone who seemed to have a grudge with me. He (or she) made stories in which I (or, rather, my alter ego at the site) was part of the cast... not entirely to my advantage. This was my little revenge.

New City Adventures Part 3&4

William Clayton

The saga of our heroes continues, with them getting in some tight spots!

The Underground (Issue #2)

Morgan Grover

The Underground (Issue #2): ShOwDoWn Part ITeam Underground has left in search of their missing team member, Cryo. Where has he gone, and who are his new friends?

Arcadia script part 3

Trisha English...' Toms

last bit of the first issue, enjoy!


Elie Pearson

Everyone needs to upgrade eventually.  Even Death.

Arcadia Script part 2

Trisha English...' Toms

Here is arcadia script part 2, i am breaking it up cause for a 36 page comic that is a LOT of pages written u know?

Agent Pink part 1

Rosalind Souter

This is my original anime/manga. It's about a girl called Hana Pink.. didn't you read the prologue?

The Red Fox


A loving husband is disgusted by the horrific events that play out in front of him which involve foxes, goats and his wife. Flash Fiction Challenge #1 Stimulus: Red fox eats goat The challenge is to write a flash fiction with a random stimulus.

M'lila and the Seven Gnomes (Part 1)

Laura Wilson

The first part of my 'Snow White' spoof. A fractured fairy tale, really. *hehe* Anyway, this requires little to no explanation, since any explanation I could provide would further confuse you. Just know these facts: Northern Gnomes are really tiny and fat and old. Southern Gnomes are short, but only in relation to humans. They are in proportion to their height, and well formed, for the most part. Oh, and they don't age beyond adolescence, despite the fact that most live to around 700-900 years.

Princess Gun Death

Glen Holder

I have tried to develop this into a noir-comic book-bubblegum-anime-dark-crime-action tale set in a fictitious comic book modern day fantasy world about a top of the line female assassin in the business. This is the intitial story - much of this will change in the larger story i am writing. It has been imagined much like a movie. Note - Much of this has been heavily modified to pass through moderation.

Merging Muses

James Kreutz

WILL be going back in for revisions, y'all. This was an initial draft, with absolutely no editing at all of what I had written (beside spelling errors and a few misplaced words here and there). So thanks to all who commented; I will take your suggestions and run with them. ^_^

Triangular Magic Chapter 1: Waking Dreams

Holly Grimes

Hiya, this is the first chapter of My comic series, Triangular Magic. Chapter 1 is issue 1 of volume 1(obviously ~.^), but it's taking ages, so heres what i've done so far, and whenever i do more, i'll update directly, so come back often, i might have some more up^-^

New City Adventures Part 5&6

William Clayton

The thot plickens as our heroes are hot on the trail of the villians.... They wish...

Project Evil Overlord

Ole Morvik

An attempt at a comical diary kept by an upstart villain. Pete's '100 things I'd do if I ever became an evil Overlord' has been a big source of inspiration

Arcadia Script part 1

Trisha English...' Toms

you have seen the people now read the script for issue 1!

Man and Dog

Vicky Barrett

Inspired by Brothers Grimm, and boredom. This is a droll little tale, cautioning the youth of today against such acts.

The Underground (Issue #1)

Morgan Grover

Always on the lookout to come up with something new and perhaps different to offer here on Elfwood, I decided to start on this project.As a big fan of comics, I began writing my own a while back, but without sufficient art skills it became a very difficult process. So instead, I decided to adapt it to a more story oriented style. What you have here is what has evolved from that project.I ran into a few snags while doing this. First, comics obviously depend on the artwork to a significant degree. The art helps to direct the story, show emotions, lapse in time, action, and more. Hand in hand with the artwork is the comic's layout and the panels. So without all of this, I had to tweak the story a bit to make if flow. Which caused the next problem: I wanted to keep the comic book feel. Ultimatly, what I have ended up doing is cutting the story down into snippets, which make up the Issue #. This is Issue #1. I also have foregone most descriptive elements (because in a comic, the artwork would do this). Instead I have offered them only as necessary, but I hope the writing lends itself to allowing you to come up with your own visualizations. I know it is a bit of an oxymoron...but oh well.What I have kept, hopefully, is the strong focus on the characters, their traits, and their development. In several cases you  will notice that I do not put in who is saying what, this is intentional. You should be able to tell after a few issues (as you learn the characters mannerisms), not to mention as the current plot arc begins to reveal itself.In order to start things off, I need to introduce the Underground team, and do so with a very limited space. So it feels like a bit of a crash course. I also touch upon their powers a bit, and bring in a minor plot point. Until next time, enjoy!