Shroud of Deception, Prologue

Steven McClellan

Well, finally I decided where in my SciFi I would like to write. So, here it is... the beginning of a long story of humanity's future. Where I shall stop, and where it shall all start... no one knows.

Empires Awakening: Prelude + Chapters 1, 5, and 7

Matthew Welch

This is a short excerpt of my first book. It is the initial chapter for the three main storylines of the tale, and follows their paths as they begin to set out on the adventure locked inside the pages of a story. I have completed the full text, all 22 chapters, and I am seeking to get this published.The story itself is a slight shift from the typical fantasy fare, as events are taking place in the relatively young planet, in just its second age. This is the time of great adventures and powers that set the stage for the legends and mythos of the ages that will come behind it. I do intend to write for this place all the way through the end of the planet so look forward to seeing this world grow and the pains it will endure on that path.

Her Blood (short story)

D. Hendrikson

When a plague threatens Kingsland and the Greylands, both sides will do anything for the cure. That cure is locked in the blood of a young girl, the only creature to survive the plague yet. The side that gets to her first will win the war...

The OMEGA Project: Chapter One

Lacey Wright

A sci-fi story about a girl called Forsaken. She lives a life, shunned because of...Well, you'll figure it out.

End of War

Lyn Sizemore

About a Female commander that sees the last day of war....its not much just a short story...well read it and find out...^_^ I hope you like it.

True Redemption

Michael Darling

The Last Battles of Raymond Krecino Goldentree (part 1)

TECHNOLOGY #1: Chapter 4

Siegfried Baumann

And here's some of the story from the enemy's point of view. In case you're wondering why I suddenly switched to third person, that's just how I do all the stuff in Technology that isn't actually experience by Dave Tenson. Enjoy and leave some comments pleae.


Michael South

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Chapter 1 of The Dragon-Tamer: Axol's Story

Rachel Ponder

Introduces five main characters: Axol (main character), Zev (the storyteller), Edith (forest Dragon), Yuma (important later in the story but still important), and Queen Fala (evil queen whom starts a war). Chapter 1: Before the End

Commander 01

Emily Lee

Damien Jekaiya, Commander of the 13th Squad, has been pulled from the field to teach at the James Mason Academy, the most famous magic school in all of Lyseria. Meanwhile, his sister Myn, Commander of the 17th Squad, has been given temporary command of the 13th. At Squad headquarters, the headstrong 13th butts heads with Commander Amaris of the 6th Squad. And then the conflict begins as the Academy faces a crisis.

Commander 04

Emily Lee

As he recovers, Damien is devastated when he receives a letter regarding Myn's apparent disappearance and death. While he is recalled to the capital to aid the generals, the healer in the remote city Lirisdale works to save Myn's life.

Of fins and Flight (part 2)

Heather Nicholson

Okay, so here's my second part! Very exciting, i kno. I am happier with it than I was originally (one of the reasons why it took so long to post...@_@) anyways, enjoy!

Life of the Reds

Alex White

What does the life of a typical red look like? Here you have the answer.

TerraVista Part 1

Kyle Arthur

This is the first part of the story containing chapters 1-3. Anyway I get down to introducing characters and the world they live in here. I also start to uncover some of the plot but you'll see more of that later.

TerraVista Part 2 (section 1 of 2)

Kyle Arthur

This is the first part of part 2 of TerraVista. More of the plot is revealed here including the traitor mentioned earlier. Some more of the characters are also introduced with a little more info than before. Let me know what you think.

Ship of Death (Prologue)

Kiota Bandal

There's not much of a plot yet, but there will be, I promise... comment or else I don't put up the next chappie.

End of the World

Barbara Hise

It's about a time where the world was almost destroyed by a meteor and civilation was annihalated. There's an elite warrior-type girl in a military camp. She meets a guy and they have to overcome men who would take her, battles, and try to keep the world from ending.

In the Dirt

E. Hanna

If you don't like sci-fi battles, this story is for you. If you do like sci-fi battles, this story is for you. This narrative is theme driven; my hope is the details are fluid enough to make the story universal. Praise and criticism encouraged.

Linked Worlds -Characters

Roy 'Raven' Vatten

This is drawings of some of the characters from 'Linked Worlds', namely mine. Now you know how a young Dwarven Commander named Dorgan looks!

Snapshots of a Commander

Adrienne Romani

A few short character development pieces for Commander Leawyn Brock from my United Armies of Clesia series.This consists of 4, very short pieces that didn't really warrant four seperate listings.