When the Last Train Leaves*

Dave McGrogan

I used to be able to get incredibly angry about the rise of brands and advertisements, and about how they seem to have taken over Western Society and nobody seems to really have noticed. Nowadays though I'm just resigned to the fact that it seems to be inevitable. That is where this story comes from. Incidentally, Bold Street is a real street in Liverpool, and it has the most interesting shops in the city. But even now the old hippy shops are getting thin on the ground. That is also what this story is about.

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 3

Aaron Miner

Enter Franz Mohellian, businessman extraordinaire. In this chapter he meets the mysterious Fay von Nebel, an ambitious young reporter who knows more than she should...

Final Empire Ch2 'The Truck'

'Aerandir' Pestana

The Truck: the continuing adventures of Yurik and friends...

Miserys Company 01

Keya Paul

Next chapter in Misery's Company. I haven't read over it in a year, so sry if it's weird. Please point out anything that might need working on and be as brash as you want as long as you're helpful.

Wanton Dreamer

Grant Genther

I got the Idea for this while reading one of my books that has nothing to do with anything in this story. Funny how that happens every now and again.

Sunrise: Fatal Mistake

Jonathon Parker

Deep beneath Sunrise, Richard Wyse unwillingly works on inhuman projects for Starsen Corporation. In his attempt to implicate the company, a powerful being chooses to manipulate him.

Misery's Company 00

Keya Paul

Bleh, feeling uncreative with the title... Anyway, this is probably the best story I've written in a long while. It was supposed to be a story of 2,000 words or less for a writing contest over at Elftown, but I liked it so much, I got carried away with it, and, well, it's turned into its own book now. I've written a rendition to this for the actual contest, which, I have to admit, is not remotely as good, but I'm very happy with this one. It looks long, but there's a few paragraphs you can just skip if you want because it's all description and background information. So, yeah...now, what is it about... One Christmas Eve, an ancient, lovesick vampire mistakes Deirdra for a long-lost love. She believes him to be insane, and instead takes him on for Christmas, believing that no one, especially someone who is missing their love, should be alone on Christmas. This might have a tendency of being a full-length story...

The Winds

Jolanta Komornicka

Friendship is the best I can do for a description.