The Dragon Keeper- Chapter 4

Teresa Galus

Death Claw gets bord and decides to enter a race

5. Corsairs: Devil Star - Chapter 2.ii

Ben Wolf' Douglas

The concluding part of Chapter 2.i

The Chase

Marijke Mahieu

One of those short stand-alone stories that pop into one's mind and demand to be written out at once. Written for all the Immortal Wolves! Guess who the young boy is...?*grins*

'RUNE CHILDREN' in the beginning...

Marianne Valentin

this is the pre-prologue to RUNE CHILDREN, i wrote this for a competition so it may not be as good as i would have liked (WORDLIMIT GODDAMMIT) it reads a bit funny. btw: if there are two capital letters then only pronounce the second one (e.g:HRatharos=RAH-THAH-ROS)

Blitzball, Its Not a Game, Its a Life Style

Joshua Price

Third story that I wrote and haven't lost. Did it back in 2004 when I was trying to write one story per character every day. At the time I had just over fifty characters, though I have far fewer now. And, as you can see, I'm still about thirty stories short if you assume that these are all about different characters, which they aren't. Of all my old '04 stuff, this is one of two that might be canon, the other Super Nuisance and the C.E.P. But that doesn't make it any good, I actually think its worse than the two stories before it. Originally, I had planned on revising it along with just about every other story in this gallery, but I've changed my mind. I'd rather work on my novel. On a separate note, the Blitzball in the story only borrows two things from Final Fantasy X and A Separate Peace: the name and the fact it involves a ball.

The Competition

William Staples

In this story, Zandra meets someone she falls for, in more than one way!

Ch. 3: Fire Fighter

Brian Smith

This is the big fight. Admittedly, fight scenes aren't my best stuff, but that's exactly why I write them; to improve. Enjoy!

4. Corsairs: Devil Star - Chapter 2.i

Ben Wolf' Douglas

The Bet. After the fight in the tavern Rick and Seth settle on a bet, whoever can get to and raid a Terran Convoy inbound through a nearby sector wins, a large some of currency is at stake. Having the recent upgrades on the Devil Star has given the Blood Wraiths an undeniable advantage, that is until something goes wrong. The crew of the Devil Star are to be met with a discovery that will change everything. this chapter concludes in Chapter 2.ii

3. Corsairs: Devil Star - Chapter 1.ii

Ben Wolf' Douglas

Concluding part of Chapter 1.i

Sword Dancer

Shannon Mayer

Melai is an arena warrior enslaved under Lord Noriven and has battled and trained in one arena or another for over two hundred years, fighting for her chance at freedom. Her best friend, and fellow warrior is Leryn, another of her race who has spent the last few hundred years in the same situation. What they don't know at this point is that there is a dangerous plot out to kill their overlord. One that they both suddenly get swept into as even the warrior slaves become pawns in the game. During all of this the two of them become bonded to each other and cannot answer the call for fear of being at a disadvantage if the two of them have to fight each other in the arena games. *** I do apologize that this is only the first piece of the story, but it is still very much a 'work in progress', but do enjoy what I have for you! btw - Comments would be a great help!!!

2. Corsairs: Devil Star - Chapter 1.i

Ben Wolf' Douglas

Pay Day. After a typical days work of bootlegging Thaline Gas the crew have gained enough funds to upgrade the Devil Star. Morale is high and celebration is in order for the captain and his crew. However, a fight at the local tavern soon changes the relaxed and joyous atmosphere into one of tense competition.

Archery 721 e.a.

Mattie Lundquist

Just a major event in the town. Rhebis keeps close check on his daughter, doesn't he?

The Second Slipper

Sara Bean

It all comes to an end here and now. This is the point where all must pay homage...but to which sister?