Rush part One ~story~

Erica Martin

Hey everyone, thanks for all of your help with 'Rush', as promised, I'm making it longer, I really hope you enjoy these next few chapters. I don't have much planned, so please give me some comments on what you've read so far.

A short tutorial in suicidal genocide

Gints Romanovskis

What happens when you are the only normal being amongst mutants.

Message in a Magnetic Bottle

Duane Pesice

aliens influence cyberculture

Chapter 1: Modern Fantasy Story

Shawn Johnson

Ahh the plot thickens!

Insomnolence - Chapter One

Frankie Rodriguez

Emma's insomnia never seemed to get better, even with the expensive treatments the doctors and aides at Edgedell Neuronic Research Center had given her. Overwhelmed and feeling trapped she finds friendship in a young schizophrenic girl, but when strange sudden deaths begin to occur across the facility, can Emma and her friend escape and find acceptance within the same society that once shunned them?

False Veracity

Cerhiunnhn Faldhl

This is based in the future. A depressed girl is working for several governments (and several planets as well) She is a technological genius, and can hack anything, anytime. This is only the beginning, so if you're wondering why it says it is Dark/Goth, you'll have to wait until I write more.

Rebellion 2.0

Cynthia Rogers

Another installment of the story introduced by 'Rebellion'. (Thus the version number.)


Rebecca Hill

This is another poem that I wrote i the 6th grade. And its one of my cousins favorites. Hope u like it, so comment after u are done reading.

Crimson Blood Chapter 2 part 1

Shad Reasoner

this is a story about four men who learn about themselves in a war torn world.

Crimson Blood part 2

Shad Reasoner

this is a story about four men who learn about themselves in a war torn world.

Rebellion 3.0

Cynthia Rogers

It's an uprising! More Rebellion! And yeah verily, there will be even more one day...


Cynthia Rogers

Sometimes, control can go just a little too far. Once your life and death are being planned for you, you know things have gotten to the point where mutiny is in order...

Ocean Chapter 1 & 2

Niina Kokko

Ocean escapes the goverment facility, and teams up with a computer firm owner Jeremy, in search of a sanctuary, but she discovers that there is something that could get her home. But her home is something Jeremy finds hard to deal with.

A Cure for Paranoid: Chapter 1

Mallory Presley

A stalker uses the powerful sources of a computer and his skills of spying to determine his next victim, movtivated by the simple fact that he can kill a total stranger, just because he can.

Laugh a Garden of Thorns

Amy Williams

What is the true definition of conscience? How far can delusion take you? Black roses which know the flavor of fear.... Written 2001-2002.


Isabel Dostal

Sci-fi with some fantasy themes (Tech so advanced its magic? Or is that the wrong way around?). Another beginning of a story I may or may not continue depending on inspiration and if people think it's worth it.

Dominican College 2018

Jenny Olivera

I took a one-month Science Fiction class my last year of college, and for our final we could write either an analytical paper or a science fiction story. The plot and ending are tributes to The Handmaid's Tale.

Crimson Blood part 1

Shad Reasoner

this is a story about four men who learn about themselves in a war torn world.

Finals Week

Wendy Despain

Finals week in the future. Still a bit rough around the edges.

The OMEGA Project: Chapter Two

Lacey Wright

Forsaken's life is radically different from yours and mine. And she tries to find a way to deal with that. But someone is coming that could change everything...