Untitled Rhyme

George Chang

This rhyme was meant to be inserted into The Thaw of the Frigid Hearts, but failed since the play should be simple and non-complex...in any case, it still serves as a very interesting and inspiration evoker...I might put it into my book in the near future...


Alia Jory

This is the first story set in my main world (Merschul) that I've put on elfwood. That probably means I have a bunch of Merschul things in there that I don't explain, so please ask about them so I can correct that.

War of the Twelve Kingdoms, Chapter 03

John Blanchard

The beginning of the battle (Unfinished, tried something different with the general...editing again!)

The Man in the Mirror

Rory Johnson

Another Story about Carone, taking place a little bit before 'Blood Brandy'. This is about Carone seeing the error of his ways.

Shroud of Deception, Prologue

Steven McClellan

Well, finally I decided where in my SciFi I would like to write. So, here it is... the beginning of a long story of humanity's future. Where I shall stop, and where it shall all start... no one knows.

Legend of a Sorcerer

Ilya Lastovkin

An old legend, spoken by a blue creature from 'A Tale of Moons and Symphonies', my upcoming fantasy book. Please Enjoy!

Age of Endings ch3

Matthew Penick

Chapter Three of The Age of Endings

Vhilwin's tale pt2

Hugo G. Damas

Vhilwin meets the human world.

Angel Wings

Sarah Wacko' Kerns

This is something I wrote based off of a dream I had. I don't really think it's that good, and I'm not sure in which category to place it, but I thought I'd add it to help start my colection here going. This story is also largely unedited - I haven't gone through and fixed things since I finished it at 3 in the morning, mostly because I haven't had any time.

Foundation of Soldiery Pt. II Arrogance and Pain

Chadd Las Casas

Krell and Gendor learn swiftly the dangers of overestimating your weapon and underestimating the warrior spirit.

Shroud of Deception, Chapter One

Steven McClellan

Well, here's the first chapter in the Shroud of Deception book, first book in my Realspace series. Enjoy. :)

Operation Antithesis, 4

Taren Nauxen

Continued from Chapter 3. Now things get interesting.

Dogs Trained to Kill

Benjamin Hayward

Litterally this story did not take me a year to write, but from the time I first sat down to write it to when I finished the short story over a year had passed. Once I finally finished the story I submitted it as a D&D story to Dragon Magazine for publication. Mind you I didn't expect it to be excepted and it wasn't, but as a quote that I keep hearing goes 'You always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' Thats referring to basketball and perticipation, but it fits in nicely in this situation. Anyways, have fun reading my first major short story I ever wrote. And now I'll get on with writing the second one. Hopefully it will be excepted to Dragon Magazine, but you might hope the oppisite because if its gets rejected it goes up here and you would get to read it for free :P

Wizards Fire

Crissy Moss

A wizard on her journey meats with an adventuring party. Where will it lead? This isn't quite finished. The ending... well it just isn't done. I will upload the finished work when i am done.

Dweller's In the Innermost

Elizabeth (Blade) Duffy

This is actually homework for my Advanced Higher Creative writing part of AH English. I have to do English in a different school this year, a school where freaks like me are less than welcome. So I wrote this and as everyone else in the class has steered clear of fantasy I guess I'll be even more isolated. Oh well, i don't cater to snobby people who judge on appearence only, right Clare (poor fellow freak girl who is at that school all week)?

Futura Wars - Prologue

Michael Bell

This is the background to my dark, futuristic gun story. I intend on writing this story in chronological order, so don't expect and randomness like my other series, Untitled.

Chapter 4: Reunion

Krystal Chunaco

Chronicles of the Red Dragon IV: Reunion Events begin to take a startling turn and a ghost from Kaira's past rises to haunt her, revealing old scars and her worst fears.

A Tangible Existence

Kaetie Newton

This is another story from the Argota series. It really got me going with the others. It's about...well, you'll find out! :) Enjoy


Daniel Kinicki

What a man does in desperation can astound

Draconia Prologue

Michael Viar

This is the prologue to the story I'm writing. it's comin kind of slow though because i only write it on and off.