Kristina Cookson

I wrote this around 1:30 on the morning a few days ago. I'm not very happy with the ending, but it's not the worst thing in the world.

Death's Tears Part 3

Leigh Erickson

Here we learn a little bit more about the Dialos, not a lot granted, but a little. Next bit on Garnor's story.

In A Dream State, Part 5

Elizabeth Avent

Is Kindle good or bad? Does Peggy and Devan find Kindle? What happens to Silver? Is the demon the end of her? Read and you'll find out!


Jared Adolf-Bryfogle

This is about what all of us feel (I think) at some point in our lives. When we look around our world, we can't help but wonder why our world is the way it is.

To Have Wept. Chapter III.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter may be about falling in love... or trying not to fall in love... or hiding from love.. or something.

To Have Wept. Chapter II.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter is probably one of the most important and yet one of the most simple and non-eventful. I think it gets easier to read from here on... ^.^


Emma Ådahl

Um, well. I wrote this after the avent that happened on February 1st. ****this is the 2nd version... at first I uploaded the 1st version, which I didn't want up...**** NO idea WHY I wrote it. x_X


Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ Completed: A disturbing story really. Don't know why it came to me... I was in a perfectly good mood. Still am in fact.

Aliaya's Story

Stephanie Walls

Story ~ Sect 1/?: Aliaya, being forced to get married, flees her home and everything she knows with her dear friend. An unfortunate event, however, seperates them.

A Tricky Thing

Brianna Kennedy

I don't know... I was thinking about World Humanities and strange things last night. A sentance got stuck in my head and wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote everything out. Satan did kind of have a legalist view on things huh? God had a more... Confucious... ist? view on things. Satan: Everyone is bad, punish them right away, given the chance they'll do the wrong thing. God: Everyone is good, give them the chance they'll do the right thing. I don't study the bible, that's just what I know; and I'm not even sure of it. Well... enjoy, comment. Critique.


Scott Gajewski

'What is more real, the world of a dreamer or the world around the dreamer?'

Fallen Angel

N Furman

The thoughts of an angel who dies.

Ashes to Ashes

Linsey 'Questor Star' Roziner

A girl feels distanced from her boyfriend and neither can understand why. He wants to help her, but how can he if she can't help herself. {Don't worry, you find out what the problem is in the course of the story ;-) }

A womans eyes...

Theo W Wallis

'tis odd the way I came about this one. I was listening to rob zombie and looking into one of my ex g/f's eyes and got this spooky feeling which i have put into words.

Tests are a pain

Heather Nicholson

Just a little something I wrote after my biology test (I was very frustrated with it).

Post mortem (He & It)

Gor Vardanian

  A litle horor story i wrote, i dont think this story had any emotional significance, maybe trapped furstration? but i dont remember that much. It's more of an "Imagine this" situation, basically what if you die and wake up to your own dissecion with a little twist.  Enjoy.


Kristina Cookson

I'm sure this one will confuse lots of people :)

The War of Evelon- Prologue

Gene Erno

Prologue Soldiers find a pregnant woman wandering, confused, in the wilderness.

The Virtual Reality

Julie Becker

Its happened to us all at one time or another..we make a good friend online..then suddenly they vanish without word..or reason.

The Talented (Part II)

Eleanor Wilkins

(This is continuing on from The Talented) This bit is one of those moving-ever-onwards parts of a story, which is why nothing really happens. I'll edit this part when I've written more.